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30 1 cbd oil

Now the MCT oil manufacturing process is a little trickier and finding Pure MCT oil is a challenge. MCT oil manufacturers many times use 70% palm oil and 30% of Coconut oil to extract MCT, this oil is definitely not a medicinal-grade oil to be utilized with any Cannabis Tincture at all. Hence we at Indogenix manufacture our own MCT oil from organic coconut shells. We have realized the efficacy of medicine increasing via feedback from patients.

Cannabryl dewaxed and decarboxylated medical cannabis Tinctures utilize dewaxed and decarboxylated Medical Cannabis Extracts in its formulations.

Recently there has been a good amount of study on MCT oil. This oil is actually an extract from raw coconut oil only, this MCT oil has a good amount of advantages, in the sense that it increases the bioavailability of Cannabis Tincture in the body to a very great extent. Bioavailability means absorption power in the body, i.e. one milligram of cannabinoids if taken with MCT oil have higher chances of merging in blood quickly as compared to any other oils. This is mainly because of the Triglyceride property presence in MCT oil.

Cannabryl Dewaxed 1:1 CBD : THC Oil Tincture

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Cannabis Extract by Nature is quite thick and viscous like honey, if we bottle pure extract, the dropper fails to suck and deliver medicine, and most of the medicine remains in the bottle, and it becomes really difficult to measure its intake.

How our CBD Extract Tastes?

Honey Heaven Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract contains an extensive collection of cannabinoids such as CBC, CBDA, CBG, CBN and much more. Besides, terpenes, the organic hydrocarbons contained in the plants’ essential oils are found in our extracts. A combination of terpenes, CBD and other cannabinoids creates synergistic effect scientists call “entourage effect” that amplifies the therapeutic benefits of each component of the plant. In effect, the overall medicinal benefits of the entire plant outweigh the totality of its parts.

Our Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract has a herbal taste that gets stronger with a higher percentage of concentrations. Although the under-tongue administration is the fastest way to absorb CBD oil, you need to find the taste that appeals to you either by adding to smoothies or foods that are not heated before consumption.

What does our CBD oil contain?

Ingredients: Virgin Hemp oil, Sativa L containing 16.2mg per drop Cannabidiol extract.