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ananda cbd oil 2000

A good place to start is with one full dropperful in the evening, preferably with food. See how you feel for a few days at this dose. If you feel you need more, you can gradually increase your daily servings until you reach your desired result. Ananda’s full spectrum tinctures can be taken in the evening, morning, or both. For best results, hold CBD extract under your tongue for 30-60 seconds.

Big bottle, big results! Ananda’s 2000 premium hemp extract CBD tincture is their strongest formulation in their largest bottle, proving that sometimes bigger is better. For those who need mega support and relief in mind and body, we recommend Ananda’s 2000mg CBD drops — their most powerful tincture yet. Whether for chronic or breakthrough pain, inflammation, or anxiety, this potent, high-quality hemp CBD oil is an effective ally to have in your corner. Ananda Hemp CBD extract has been found in a scientific study to help reduce opioid use while reducing pain and problems sleeping. Like all Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures, it contains a blend of Ananda’s cold-pressed hemp seed oil, premium full spectrum hemp extract, botanical terpenes, and MCT oil (sustainably sourced from coconuts). Produced in small batches, 100% non-GMO, 100% vegan, certified glyphosate-free, and lab tested for purity.

High-quality CBD oil like Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum is known to produce a wide range of therapeutic effects . Let’s start with the basics that often contribute to the cause of or are symptoms of disorders and disease: anxiety , depression , inflammation and pain , and poor sleep .

Other “firsts” by Ananda Hemp include:

Servings Per Bottle: Approximately 50


We stand behind Ananda Hemp because it continues to innovate in the hemp CBD landscape with its pioneering spirit. The proof is in the products.

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At Uptown Rx Pharmacy & Nutrition, we focus on delivering individual care.

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