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best cannabis for pain and inflammation

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The side effects of CBD are very moderate and minimal. The most commonly reported side effects of CBD include sleepiness and mild digestive discomfort. Studies indicate that using CBD in concentrations as high as 1,500mg per dose is safe.

Our recommended products for pain and inflammation

This research has been conducted for both altruistic and economic reasons. Many scientists genuinely want to supply the public with the best treatments available. Proving the usefulness of CBD for pain would also further expand the CBD industry, which is already expected to be worth $20 billion by 2024 .

● 4-6% transition to heroin

Colorado Botanicals products are broad-spectrum CBD. While they are THC-Free, they do contain minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Just like there’s not just one kind of weed, there’s not just one kind of pain. The three main types are:

Touted as being effective in treating inflammation, muscle pain, muscle spasms, and stress. Not only is it hugely medicinal, with its earthy, woody, and sweet flavors, it’s delicious, happy and uplifting

Best Strains for Pain: Nociceptive Pain

This high-THC strain has an optimal amount of CBD as a buffer (1-4%) to mitigate some of its effects. Fans love its daytime or nighttime versatility and ability to tame pain.

With an extremely CBD-heavy cannabinoid ratio, this powerhouse strain produces few if any intoxicating effects. It helps many patients treat pain, anxiety and more with a clear head.

But that leaves us with a sticky question: With so many different types of cannabis out there, what are the best strains for pain? We’ll get you pointed in the right direction by sharing some information about how cannabis helps us fight pain as well as giving you specific strain recommendations.