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best cbd oil for dogs uk

It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory supplement which reduces muscle soreness and joint pain whilst boosting your dog’s immune system.

There is about 12% Oleic acid, which is rich in the fatty acid Omega 9.

These CBD oil drops are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dog, as well as for all ages, ranging from Junior to Senior.

#3 GoodGrowlies Hemp Oil

This Hemp Oil is cold-pressed, organic, and pure. It’s grown, processed, and bottled in the UK, and Pawesome strictly follow the highest manufacturing standards in the world (GMP and BCR).

The oil has a yellow-greenish colour which is caused by the content of chlorophyll in cold-pressed hemp oil. If the colour of CBD oil is completely yellow it’s usually a sign of reduction in quality.

GoodGrowlies Hemp Oil is pure, organic, GMO-free, completely vegan, and cruelty free. This premium grade hemp extract is grown and bottled in the UK by a GMP-certified facility. It’s cold pressed from 100% organic hemp and is produced without any added fillers, such as soy seeds and corn.

This CBD oil for dogs is premium grade hemp extract, and it’s rich in Omega 3 and 6. It’s also 100% vegan, non-GMO, and of the highest quality.

Pet-friendly flavours – Let’s face it. When finding the best CBD for pets in the UK, this really comes down to finding something your pet will actually eat. That’s why we’ve created a sausage-flavoured oil for dogs and a fish-flavoured oil for cats!

We all want the best for our furry friends. And that means never compromising when it comes to their health. So, that’s why we’ve combined the highest-quality, organic cannabidiol with flavours your pets will love. Our pet CBD oils are designed to support animal Endocannabinoid System function and to support overall health and wellbeing.

Always consult a veterinarian before use.


CBD helps your pet’s Endocannabinoid System (a cell-signalling system responsible for maintaining homeostasis) to function properly. And one of the roles of the ECS is to promote a healthy and regular appetite. So, why not try using pet CBD oil for fussy and finnicky eaters?

CBD is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory. It helps the body to limit cytokines which helps to regulate inflammation response. Therefore, recent studies have shown that using CBD for pets can help to limit joint pain and pain from inflammation

It can be difficult if your pet suffers from anxiety! Because don’t we all just want our pets to be happy and healthy? – CBD helps the brain to produce more serotonin (nature’s happy chemical) and the calming amino acid, GABA. Therefore, research has shown using CBD for pets can help to support anxiety

Recent studies show that cannabidiol helps to reduce nausea in both pets and in humans. For this reason, pet CBD oil is often given to animals suffering from cancer. It’s also another reason why pet CBD oil can help with promoting a great appetite.