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best rated cbd oil on amazon

Since they became popular in the UK, genuine CBD oils have not been available on Amazon. Now, an invite-only pilot scheme has opened up the platform for a select number of brands.

Brands selling on Amazon usually have this information on their own website. We’ve investigated each item here thoroughly and included links to any relevant documentation that demonstrates product quality.

Brands Invited To Sell CBD On Amazon

So without further ado, these are the best genuine CBD oils you can buy on Amazon UK.

To make sure that you only buy the best CBD oil available on Amazon, we use a strict selection criteria:

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But here’s the kicker:

If you’ve tried to buy CBD oil on Amazon, you’ll agree:

Very few CBD oil products in the UK contain more that 3,000mg CBD. And those that do are pretty expensive (over £100). So, if a supposed CBD oil product on Amazon is promoting a large “mg” at a very low price (e.g. 10,000mg+ for £21.99!!) then you can rest assured it’s not a CBD oil product!

If CBD Oil Is Legal In The UK, Why Has Amazon Banned It?

**Update for 2021**

We test every product within our community, and are always asking for feedback to ensure we’re only stocking the best CBD oils, balms, gummies and more.

To make matters it worse:

These sellers do everything to make their products look and sound like CBD oil without ever saying “CBD oil”.