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As a result of Williams’ unauthorized association with the product subscriptions, the complaint argues, a large group of consumers have purchased these products under false pretenses and expressed this particular frustration to Williams’ company. Representatives for Williams told me that would-be CBD consumers have also reported feeling misled by the company’s ‘free trial’ model involving a self-renewed subscription, leading to bank overdrafts for some victims.

Through a range of news article- and blog-style pages across different websites, and including posts designed to mimic my Forbes contributor site as it appears with the original article, the responsible parties seemingly used and re-used my written content and selected photos of Williams, content from other sources, and likely lots of original material to promote subscriptions for a long list of products said to contain high quality CBD.

Whole articles or photos and blurbs purporting endorsement from Bill Gates, Dr. Dre, Whoopi Goldberg, Morgan Freeman, Lady Gaga, and others were also used.

On April 20th of this year, I posted an article about Montel Williams’ long and very personal effort to produce a line of medical grade cannabidiol (or CBD) oil. Entitled “For The Past 17 Years, Montel Williams Did What The FDA Won’t: He Made Weed A Medicine,” the article included an interview with the navy veteran, former TV host, and founder of LenitivLabs that I was proud to publish.

When it comes to the damage this outfit has caused, I find it worth noting, too, that not only were my own name, image, and reputation used to ruthlessly hock this stuff at an attractive profit, but also the written and visual content that I spent more than 12 hours preparing (and most of which, given the scrappy nature of freelancing, were billed under “labor of love”).

As the Phoenix New Times reported in 2009, Isaac pleaded guilty to “a slew of [federal] charges related to his illicit company,” and later served a short prison sentence. It further came out that Isaac had applied for Social Security disability benefits in 2006, received $35,000 in benefits, and taken out a mortgage on a $2.9 million house the same year.

“Moreover,” the lawsuit continues, “Defendants’ conduct also raises serious public health and safety concerns because many, if not all, of the Defendants are marketing the Infringing Products as a means to cure, mitigate, treat or prevent diseases, illnesses, or serious conditions.”

CBD certainly falls under this category of advocating for healthcare alternatives, she said.

During a long conversation, Ireland went into topics ranging from family to investing.

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Adding to these comments, CEO Smoke Wallin (yes, that is his real name) said, “The big problem today is no one knows what to trust. There’s been so many little brands and people that maybe cut corners and you don’t know what’s in the products.

This is not a celebrity endorsement, this is a real, full blown partnership, she concluded.

For her, it was all about relationships. The entrepreneur explained she chose to work with Vertical because of its Smoke Wallin.

it doesn't seem to be the real forbes' site, and certainly not how the world's richest man would market a cbd oil. anyone ever heard of this brand?

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