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biobloom cbd oil

All BioBloom products are subject to strict quality controls and were additionally tested by the patient association Arge-Canna in an independent laboratory and certified with the “AC Drop”.

100% nature – effectiveness of BioBloom Organic Raw and Natural hemp drops is significantly greater than the conventional CBD products, as it is 100% natural and benefits from the synergic effect of the entire plant.

6% 1800mg Raw and Natural Organic Hemp Drops – 30ml

Nutritional Values per 10ml:
CBD/CBDa = 576mg
Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil From Mothers Plant – 9024mg
Energy 258 KJ / 63 kcal
Omega-6 – 578mg
Omega-3 150mg
Vitamin E – 11mg

Nutritional Values per 30ml:
CBD/CBDa = 1728mg
Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil From Mothers Plant – 27072mg
Energy 773 KJ / 188 kcal
Omega-6 – 1733mg
Omega-3 450mg
Vitamin E – 34mg

BioBloom CBD is the number 1 organic CBD oil in Austria and it’s now available in the UK at for the Ageless. The high quality of BioBloom’s organically certified hemp flowers used for all of its products are processed exclusively by hand. Their CBD oils are available as 4%, 6%, 8% and 10% concentrates in 10ml and 30ml bottles with a dropper. BioBloom also offers three types of organic hemp flower tea. The hemp for BioBloom CBD is grown on the Hungarian – Austrian border in an area once covered by Lake Neusiedl.
“Our products are 100% pure natural with absolutely no CBD concentrate or additives of any kind. Quality is very important to us!”, says a spokesperson for the BioBloom family. BioBloom CBD oils have gained increasing popularity among practitioners who prescribe CBD drops, because of their organic certification (BIO Austria and BIO Hungary certified), guaranteeing its purity and safety. BioBloom CBD oil has absolutely no intoxicating effect and there is no danger of addiction. BioBloom’s organic hemp drops are also Kosher certified – the Co2 extraction has been certified by the patient association Arge-Canna with the AC quality seal.

When you have the guarantee that hemp extract is organic, you’ve got a premium natural product to support complete health and well-being.
High-quality 100% organic CBD oil extracts are not easy to find. This is why the pure, cold-pressed organic hemp flower extracts from reputable producers like BioBloom Austria are in high demand in the European hemp market. We are honoured to introduce them in the UK as part of our collection of the best CBD the UK has to offer.
BioBloom is a family-run Austrian organic grower and manufacturer which embodies centuries of hemp farming expertise. Cannabis is considered one of the oldest and most versatile of medicinal plants and BioBloom has helped raise awareness of its many benefits.
They have achieved this by focusing on organic CBD oil production through innovative and sustainable farming and manufacturing process. With their unique organic hemp products (hemp flower tea, CBD drops and hemp seed oil), Biobloom has captured the interest of doctors, health professionals and more and more across Europe and the UK.

BioBloom offers a perfect CBD / CBDa oil ratio

Unlike golden oils, which are either cold or hot filtrated, raw oils are the most natural form of CBD product that can be purchased. The hempy, undiluted taste comes from all of those substances, not only the terpenes but also the plant waxes which have a more intense taste. Many people don’t mind it, but some do, so they take the oil mixed with food, liquid or within capsules (which are available in most pharmacies and online).

BioBloom oils are “raw”, meaning they are not processed, heated, decarboxylated, filtrated, nor thermo-processed. They are pure, as nature intended. A BioBloom oil is not only a full-cannabinoid or full-spectrum oil, but also a full-plant spectrum oil.
A full-plant spectrum oil contains all ingredients present in the plant, not only the cannabinoids and terpenes but also the lipids, plant waxes, chlorophyll, flavonoids and other important phytonutrients present in Cannabis Sativa L.

It is important to understand the difference between purified and raw oils. Raw oils, due to the lack of thermal processing are also high in CBDa. In BioBloom that balance is, in fact close to a perfect 50/50 ratio. CBDa itself has a more intense taste than CBD and you can also feel this when you try CannabiGold Balance which is also 50/50 CBD/CBDa. Even though the latter is a purified, golden oil, it still has a stronger taste than other golden oils because of the CBDa presence.

What makes the BioBloom hemp extract so special?

BioBloom takes a traditional and unique approach to the cultivation of hemp plants, as well as the production process. Their 150-hectare hemp crop is grown in fertile Austrian soil, then harvested and processed by hand.

They steward the seed sowing, the cultivation – which occurs in rows of set spacing to allow a focus on the quality for each plant as it receives optimal sun exposure – and then, they only harvest the strongest, healthy plants. As such, they ensure a guarantee of the highest possible quality and purity of the product. BioBloom has been awarded the Austrian and the Hungarian BIO certificate for controlled organic farms.

2. CULITVATION: Special Growing Method – the company’s focus is on the quality, not quantity. BioBloom ensures each of the plants has got enough room so that they are prevented from competing with one another. This way, the plants naturally develop high concentration of cannabinoids and other precious substances.

600mg CBD/CBDA in 10ml. Recommended daily use is 2×5 drops at 2.4mg CBD/CBDA per drop.

1. SEED SOWING: Exceptional soil – the hemp plants are grown in an exceptional soil, which was a bottom of a lake for over 4000 years.

Biobloom 6% Organic Raw CBD/CBDa oil is easy to use and helps to support and maintain your overall health & well-being. Being a ‘raw’ hemp oil means you also get the therapeutic benefits of CBDa alongside CBD and a full spectrum of other cannabinoids and terpenes – as nature intended.