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bulletproof cbd oil

CBD and coffee (not bulletproof) are already known to have beneficial co-administration effects. There are three main ones that we highlight in our coffee & CBD article:

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One Step Further with our Nanoemulsified Tincture

What this means is that beyond the CBD and coffee benefits we highlighted above, the high-fat content of bulletproof coffee is the PERFECT platform for CBD consumption. Infusing your bulletproof coffee with CBD doesn’t just provide the added benefits of CBD infusion, it also helps increase the amount of CBD absorbed by the body!

If you’re a coffee drinker then there is no doubt that you’ve heard of bulletproof coffee or ‘butter coffee’. This recipe rose to popularity in 2013-2014 largely thanks to entrepreneur Dave Asprey.

What you’re left with is a delicious, benefit-packed brew that provides long-lasting, energy, and focus. You’re also getting the CBD absorption benefits of the healthy, high-fat content of the coffee – the result is the ultimate benefit packed, synergistic blend of morning goodness!

CBD may increase your alertness, help you sleep, and make you less anxious. It could even act as an antioxidant and protect your brain from damage. Just be sure you take it the right way. To avoid pesticides and fertilizers, go organic if you can.

Recent research on human cells in test tubes suggests that CBD is a strong antioxidant. [12] CBD outperformed both vitamin C and vitamin E at protecting neurons from inflammation and oxidative damage. CBD also decreased stroke-related brain damage in rats by 50%, although we don’t yet know whether it does the same in humans [13]

So you can see why I’m excited about this stuff! That said, many of the CBD studies on humans are small, so I still have my reservations.

The verdict: CBD is Bulletproof…if you take it the right way

That said, the odds of the FBI knocking down your door are probably pretty slim…kind of like they are for pot. Shipping CBD across state lines can legally put you or your business at risk. I am hopeful this will change because it’s an irrational, harmful state of affairs.

It could also have been an issue with pesticides. Pot isn’t food, but it’s still a crop, and many producers spray their cannabis plants with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to increase yield. Go organic (yes, organic weed products exist) to avoid the unwanted chemicals.

I tried putting CBD in my Bulletproof Coffee (um, on a vessel 200 miles offshore, in international waters) for several days and the CBD caused severe skin dryness and cracking. I normally have very healthy skin.

Getting it seems easy. You can find a variety of oral CBD supplements online: pills, lozenges, liquids, and capsules. But check your state laws before you order CBD online. If marijuana isn’t recreationally legal in your state, neither is CBD. And regardless of state laws, you should know that federally, CBD is a Schedule I drug in the United States and a Schedule II drug in Canada. (As of October 18 2018, the purchase and possession of recreational cannabis and CBD became fully legal in Canada).