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buy cbd oil nz

For those that do have hidden CBD oil, then it is unfortunately illegal, and in some cases, more expensive than legal prescription CBD products. There is also no quality regulation to ensure the safety of the product you or your loved one is using.

The best method of using CBD cream is to apply it directly to the painful area, do it multiple times during the day, and actively massage it in when doing so.

I also know it is very tempting when you see CBD oil being sold overseas for $30 or so, but unfortunately many of these products don’t live up to their name and are ineffective. You simply cannot compare these products to their stronger pharmaceutical equivalent.

Hemp Products in NZ – What Do You Suggest?

CBD gummies are just nicer than CBD oil! The taste of CBD oil can vary depending on the carrier oil used, which is usually either hemp seed oil or MCT coconut oil. Using products with MCT coconut oil provides a milder taste.

Parents find that it is a lot easier to get their child consume CBD gummies instead of CBD oil which has a unique taste, especially if it is based in hemp seed oil.

CBD gummies are usually a cheaper option of getting the same dose of CBD.

There are several companies where you can buy buy cbd oil in NZ, these are: Medleaf Therapeutics, Tilray, Nubu Pharmaceuticals, Eqalis & Endoca. Products contain between 10mg / ml of CBD and 150mg/ mL of CBD, and prices start at $100 per bottle. There are currently no NZ-made CBD oils available at present.

Health claims ranging from easing anxiety to relieving pain are used to promote CBD products, a form of medicinal cannabis. Last year, 21,452 products were supplied to Kiwis, up from 6993 in 2019. So, what is CBD, will it get you high, and what does the research say about its benefits?

Suppliers have until 30 September 2021 to get their products assessed. So far, two CBD products have been ticked off against the standard.

What is CBD?

Scientific research on the effectiveness of CBD to treat medical conditions is in its early stages. There’s some clinical evidence CBD, by itself, may be effective in treating epilepsy, psychosis, anxiety, and movement disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

A doctor can prescribe a CBD product that hasn’t met the quality standard, but the prescription has to be for a named patient. The doctor must import the CBD product themselves or get a pharmacy to import it on their behalf.

It’s uncertain if CBD can help ease inflammation or inflammatory conditions. A 2020 review of CBD as a possible treatment for arthritis and other joint diseases found a lack of high-quality evidence.