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We offer a choice of full spectrum, broad spectrum, CBD & CBG, as well as CBD isolate products for sale online. Pick from oil & tinctures, CBD gummies, softgels, sprays as well as pet tinctures. More products coming and brands coming soon.

CBDfx CBD products include:

For more information on CBD (Cannabidiol), take a look at the knowledgeable article from Northwestern Medicine.

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CBDfx disposable pens: The easiest way to get a tasty and potent burst of CBD. Available in multiple flavor variations.

CBDfx gummy bears: The first 100% vegan, full spectrum CBD gummy bears available on the market. 100% natural and delicious.

CBDfx hemp additives: Pharmacist formulated and optimized to give you a potent dose of cannabinoids and terpenes. Works great as an additive to regular e-liquid, or as a stand alone vape oil.

CBDfx MCT tinctures: Organically grown, full spectrum CBD in a perfect combination with health boosting MCT oil.


In 2014, CBDfx launched an industry leading line of vape additives and instantly became the go to brand for the quality conscious vape enthusiast. Since then, CBDfx has expanded the portfolio with a range of groundbreaking products for the nutraceutical and health and lifestyle industry. Their mission is to provide the highest quality full spectrum CBD products to growing market of quality oriented consumers.

Due to a unique supply chain setup, CBDfx is one of the only companies in the industry that manufactures federally legal CBD products that are exempt from the Controlled Substances Act. With quality and compliance being the two main pillars, CBDfx works with only a handful of partner farms that grow hemp sustainably. Additionally, each batch of hemp oil gets lab tested at every step of the process from farm to finished product.

Here are a few states where CBDfx can ship products.

However, Federal CBD law has made a lot of improvements in recent years. The website updates itself with the latest developments and destinations where it can ship and deliver products to protect yourself from risky situations.

The CBDfx stores are present in several states such as

How Can You Get CBDfx Products from California To Other States?

Few dispensaries of CBDfx are also located in

According to this CBD guide, you can purchase CBDfx products from various drug stores/pharmacies, health food stores, brick and mortar retailers, and gas stations/convenience stores.

Starting with a wide variety of cannabidiol vape products, the company has now expanded and sells other CBD products like capsules, gummies, tinctures, pet-oriented products, and topical.

CBDfx is a company based in Southern California known for full-spectrum and high-quality CBD products.