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buy endoca cbd oil

Endoca guarantees that what consumers purchase is precisely what they see on the label. By adhering to rigorous laboratory testing and strict pharmaceutical standards control programme, consistent purity and potency are ensured in every bottle of Raw CBD Oil 30mg CBD/ml (medium). The brand is continually striving to innovate their production methods, working with a team of herbalists, scientists, and nutritionists.

Unheated and unprocessed, Raw CBD Oil 30mg CBD/ml (medium) contains vitamin D and vitamin E, omega 3, flavonoids, co-factors, terpenes, and co-nutrients. This raw formula offers all the benefits of hemp plants as nature intended. Full of vital vitamins, minor cannabinoids, and minerals that are typically lost when the raw material is heated, this whole plant blend helps naturally to support the endocannabinoid system which plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis. Endoca makes its CBD extracts utilising an innovative extraction process with no toxins or harmful chemicals, just compressed air. This method is called CO2 extraction and is the best method for keeping and preserving the whole plant properties.

Natural and pure

Then they use cutting-edge extraction methods that ensure top-quality CBD product ingredients. In general, raw materials go through a specific round of rigorous testing by an independent third-party laboratory to screen for contaminants. The team of experts sees to it that these ingredients become premium-quality products, such as Raw CBD Oil 30mg CBD/ml (medium). Each batch of CBD products usually goes to an accredited independent third-party lab for a final round of thorough testing.

To use the dropper of Raw CBD Oil 30mg CBD/ml (medium), squeeze gently on the rubber tip and then release to fill the dropper. After that, place the oil drops under the tongue, fill the dropper and press carefully on the rubber tip to release the oil droplets.

Raw CBD Oil 30mg CBD/ml (medium) needs to be stored in a cool, dry place. It is recommended to avoid putting the dropper applicator in the mouth and putting it back in the bottle.

CBD oil contains the plant compound CBD (also known as cannabidiol). The CBD compound is found in cannabis sativa (one of the Latin names for this type of cannabis). It’s one of over 100 natural compounds (also known as cannabinoids) found in the plant.

CBD hemp oil drops: are made with the whole hemp plant containing both CBD and CBDa. These are extracted using CO2 without any chemicals.

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CBD tincture oil and CBD oil can be placed under the tongue using the dropper provided.

By taking hemp oil in liquid form under the tongue, you’re able to feel the effects of CBD quicker than some other methods. When CBD oil is placed under the tongue (known as sublingual) it enters the bloodstream quickly via the capillaries under your tongue.

Our Raw CBD hemp oil maintains the fullest possible spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the original plant — all preserved as no heat has been applied.