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cabanis oil

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Signed lower right. Measures 29in x 21in framed and 27.5in x 19.5in image only. Condition: kidney bean sized paint loss to background top right reveals darker blue layer underneath. Shrinkage gaps in frame corners. less

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This is a vintage oil on canvas painting by artist Larry Cabaniss (Italian/American, 1926 – 2007). The composition depicts an … more This is a vintage oil on canvas painting by artist Larry Cabaniss (Italian/American, 1926 – 2007). The composition depicts an abstracted portrait of a woman in traditional Italian dress.

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I have recently been given the further life changing news that not only do I have cancer, I am now only expected to live “months”.

I have a friend who lost his dad earlier this year to pancreatic cancer, and had started to treat himself with cannabis oil. Due to the nature of pancreatic cancer, my friends dad was not able to get to the required dose of oil as he was too ill to ingest in the final days of his life, and he has now sadly passed. If you read the “about me” section of my profile, you will see I have advanced melanoma, and my friend advised me that cannabis oil would be more suitable for this type of cancer/tumour. I am here to ask for some advice on treating myself with cannabis oil, and to find out if anyone has tried it. I have seen a few videos online which explain the benefits, and there are some success stories out there which claim it has brought them into remission so I feel I have to at least give it a try.

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Please note: Because our reproductions are hand painted, there might be some minor variations between the original paintings and our reproductions. We always notify you when the painting is complete so you can review the painting online before accepting it. You may approve or reach us with your suggestions for improvement, and we will deliver modifications until the painting meets your approval