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can you buy hemp oil in the us

They include North Dakota, the District of Columbia, New Mexico, Montana, Kansas, and Hawaii.

Given CBD’s 2018 status change, most people falsely assume that CBD or any cannabidiol supplements can be legally marketed anywhere in the United States. Well, that is wrong: CBD marketing and use is still tightly regulated. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you in understanding precisely where CBD is legal, and under which specific circumstances.

If there’s a CBD product that is intended for use as a dietary supplement, food, drug, or cosmetic, then it’s under FDA regulation.

Gray Area States

CBD is found in both marijuana and hemp varieties of cannabis plants. But there are also three different cannabis varieties:

Pre-20th Century: For centuries, hemp was among the oldest cultivated American crops, grown by the indigenous peoples and later European colonists. Hemp’s durable fibers were used for rope, cloth, paper, and more.

The FDA is in the process of assessing CBD’s safety. Its stance, for now, is that it’s illegal to add CBD to food or to use CBD as a dietary supplement for commerce between interstate lines.

All in all, hemp and CBD oil are considered federally legal in all 50 states. Anyone in the United States can legally buy CBD oil on health store shelves, some pet stores, and the internet. In light of this new legality, consumer sales for CBD products reached over $350 million in 2018. Best of all, you don’t need a prescription or medical card to buy CBD.

Stay tuned for updates on House Bill 1325 in Texas . As of April 24, 2019, the state House passed the bill, which would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp, and allow Texans to purchase hemp-derived CBD products with low levels of THC.

The following amber-red states do not allow for the purchase or consumption of cannabis or related products for any reason unless it’s a CBD product used only for the following reasons:

Mississippi – Epilepsy sufferers may be able to take CBD oil under the supervision of a licensed physician. The CBD content must be at least 15% and the THC no higher than 0.5%.

Amber-Red States: Only CBD Products Okay Under Certain Conditions

Georgia – CBD oil is available on prescription to patients suffering from a range of specific degenerative or debilitating conditions. The THC content must be no higher than 5%.

While this decriminalized CBD products on a federal level, states still have the final say as to whether cannabis-derived products will be legal for growing and purchasing within state lines. In a majority of U.S. states, CBD oil is legal; however, in Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, having cannabis or cannabis-derived products, including CBD oil, for any reason is illegal. If you live in one of these three states, you cannot legally purchase or use CBD oil; as the stigma around CBD and cannabis in general continues to disappear, this could change.

Kentucky – Allows for the consumption of CBD oil as the THC content is 0.3% or lower, it’s prescribed by a licensed physician, or it’s being used in a state-sponsored clinical trial.

Kansas – Recently exempted CBD oil from their criminal laws regarding cannabis, providing the THC content is 0%.