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Christmas is the most indulgent time of the year, where we eat, drink, eat, drink… you get the picture! What other time of the year do we eat chocolate for breakfast and cheese and biscuits at midnight!? So now 2021 has begun let’s start this year off with a clean slate, 2020 is definitely the [. ]

Why are lab reports needed? Lab reports allow you to determine the CBD content and quality. As you begin to explore the world of cannabidiol (CBD), you’ll quickly notice that top-rated brands provide lab verifications for their products. These lab reports – often referred to as certificates of analysis (COA) – are the key to [. ]

Kickstart 2021 with wellness and CBD in mind

Essential oils – do they work? Essential oils have been used for years for health and wellness purposes, such as beauty and aromatherapy. Extracted and distilled from various parts of plants like flowers and stems, they are highly beneficial thanks to their special properties. Because of their gorgeous fragrances, essential oils are beneficial for your [. ]

The Time Capsule – a history of CBD As CBD takes its rightful place in the hottest new wellness trend with cannabis-infused drinks, hair treatments and even croissants, we can be forgiven for assuming that this is a new and innovative supplement, however, CBD has a long and interesting history, reaching back for more than [. ]

CBD and festive overindulgence! Christmas is a good excuse to overindulge and don’t we take full advantage of it! Come December 1st one of the most popular quotes has to be… ‘Oh go on then, it is Christmas’! Cheese and biscuits at midnight? ‘Go on then it is Christmas’! Chocolate for breakfast? ‘Go on then [. ]

When researching the benefits of Cannabidiol, or CBD, you may have come across the term, “The Entourage Effect.” But what exactly is it and why is it important when determining which products to buy? To understand this, we need to first, delve into the different types of CBD oil varieties known as spectrums. Secondly, we […]

Working out in the gym, beginning a new workout routine, or taking up a novel sport can both challenge and support the body. While exercise is regarded as one of the best ways to maintain your physical and psychological wellbeing, sore muscles and aching joints are an inevitable result of new and strenuous exercise. You […]

What is the Entourage Effect & What Does it Have to Do with CBD?

Have you heard anyone scream out “charley horse!” It’s one of those old American expressions that has outlived its folklore. But while the origin of this term may be faint, the experience is not. In fact, it can be unbearably painful. While a charley horse can occur without explanation, there is much we know about […]

Many of us, or more precisely, 31.6% of the US population, have had the following experience: You wake up in the morning, take a glance at the mirror and, lo and behold, a nasty patch of red itchy skin is proudly decorating your face. You may have also experienced a breakout somewhere else on your […]

When Neil Gordon* was approaching 38 years old, an inexplicable dark void consumed him. The face staring at him through the mirror was much rounder than the reflection he once knew. On top of that, his fifteen-year relationship had grown stale. And living with his partner’s mother and overbearing grandmother did nothing to reawaken that […]