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She found the best treatment for her was hash or good quality grass. One year she was chosen to test a marijuana product produced by a big pharma company. It cost the NHS £10K per year. The government could just as easily have purchased top quality hash or grass – higher potency = more effective from any one of a dozen or more third world countries providing a farmer a decent income and for a much much lower sum but that would be common sense and value for the tax payer.

Had a friend who had seriously bad back pain and needed a motorised wheelchair to get around. Admitted it was her fault for being too macho (feminist) in moving huge, very heavy picture framesby herself in a major London museum.

Sadly too many who use marijuana for pain smoke it but the best way is to make ‘bang tea’. Use it with your favourite tea and let it steep for at least 5 minutes – do not adulterate with milk, a custom picked up from Indians, totally destroys the real taste of good tea. This is truly effective on pain of many kinds, relaxes the body and it’s joints. It can help very much with mental stress but for some this method should at first be used only in the company of a guide/guru since a panic attack can happen and it is important to have a person to guide you out of this moment – then the stress relief will begin in earnest.

After a year the NHS stopped the supply and she went back to buying the far more effective but ‘illegal’ variety. The French alcohol industry has the same stranglehold on it’s politicians as in the UK and ruthlessly opposes any legalisation of marijuana. When I was living in the Netherlands I had lots of Turkish friends and thye told me that from ancient times Turkish mothers would keep a supply of the finest Turkish hash which they ground to a fine powder. When their young children had teething problems they would use a tube to blow a little of this hash powder up their nostrils and baby went to sleep. No nasty side effects and the rest of the family got to go to sleep as well.

The Spanish have some deep cultural problems but also can be forward looking – it is legal to grow 2 marijuana plants for personal consumption and for most parts of Spain this means optimum growing conditions. Two plants should provide enough buds to provide relief for 2 years allowing one year’s supply to be either buried deep enough in the ground to maintain a constant temperature or kept in a dark, deep cellar. If the buds are dried and stored properly they will effectively become more potent the longer they are aged.

How many drops do you use?

I just placed an order for CBD Oil. I hear that it helps with FA symptoms. From anyone familiar with it, can you give me a brief walkthrough?

Hello, Matthew Lafleur Good to list you, My self I have been used CBD oil from a long ago. Definitely, CBD oils can cure so many diseases.
1. Generally CBD Oil Reduce Depression & Anxiety.
2. It also reduces Acne, which is a common skin condition.
3. CBD oil may also benefit Heart & Health.
4. It also provides benefits for those with neurological disorders.
5. It can reduce Cancer-related diseases.
Not only these benefits there may be so many diseases cured by using CBD Oil.

I get 1 gram of oil in a syringe from my dispensary with about 1:1 or 2:1 ratios CBD:THC. I squeeze out a grain of rice sized bit of oil and dissolve under my tongue or around my gums.

Hey yeah CBD is a really good idea when you want to manage your FA symptoms. I am taking care after my sister who has FA and her symptoms are usually fairly severe and a lot of medications are not helping her. But CBD is a really good options for us. We use topical forms of CBD oil and also sometimes she uses liquid for e-cigarettes infused with cannabis oil to help her feel more relaxed. It makes her feel better then the general type of joints with weed since she doesn’t like the THC component of marijuana. If someone needs help with FA symptoms and also they are smoking it will be a good idea.