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cbd oil and vyvanse

How do you know which is CBD oil to give?

Also, there hasn't been research into possible interactions between CBD and other medications. So you run a chance of a medication interactions, especially since CBD oil is not regulated and you can't be sure of what you actually have.

You might find our Q&A "Will ADHD Symptoms Improve with Marijuana?" at to be helpful.

Hey everyone! I have a 9 year old son with ADHD, and he takes 20 mg of Vyvanse each morning. It is working very well for him, but he is metabolizing through it very quickly, and it is out of his system by 3:30. I was interested in possibly giving him some CBD oil in the afternoon to help with his symptoms in the afternoon/evening, but I've read here that some are saying that CBD oil should not be given with stimulant meds. Now, is that still the case if it isn't given until after the meds have left the system? Is it okay to give it to him after the meds have worn off to help with the remainder of the day?

I appreciate your kind responses.

While I did not know if there would be any interactions, we monitored the effects and she reported no change or adverse effects using 300 mgs of CBD extract per day sublingually.

I’m a distance runner, and am interested in trying cbd as an alternative to Ibuprofen for the aches and pains that come with the sport. The only concern I have is I currently take Vyvanse for my ADHD, and am worried the CBD oil may counteract it. I’ve been told by my doctor that taking anti-anxiety meds and ADHD meds can cancel wash other out, and I know CBD oil can be taken for anxiety.

One of my clients had a lot of questions about the possible interaction and takes Vyvanse 50 mg.

That being said, I do feel uncomfortable in the evenings and become very introverted. I still maintain the philosophy of avoiding manufactured chemicals if possible. So in lieu of another prescription whether it be a smaller IR dose in the afternoon or Xanax in the evening Im also pursuing CBD for an improvement.

She reported anxiety relief and increased mobility in her injured knee.