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cbd oil australia reddit

what state are you in if you dont mind me asking

Dr ganga will send to some Australian states email them and check, Charlottes Web also

Apparently they don’t ship to Aus anymore, just tried too. I've ordered from a few times, never had any issues with delivery/customs etc. Can get oils, juice, edibles

Hi, I live in Brisbane. Was wondering if any knew where I could purchase some cbd oil online or locally?

Google ‘Charlotte’s Web Australia’. Excellent quality products with good strengths. Works really well

Do they ship to Victoria? Looks like it's the only state they left out?

isn't cbd illegal?

Thank you so much! I've noticed most of the bottles seem to be a massive upfront, but I haven't given oil a try yet so I'm hesitant to get such a big amount all at once. How did you work out it would be helpful before buying such a big amount?

i think ive seen people order it online. thats as much as i know about it though

Nice! Any recommendations for brands? Unfortunately looking for a smaller bottle (think sample size!) to try out first, then will grab a bigger one. Isolate doesn't work too well for me, anything you have tried and liked?

After some CBD (probably oil to start), most doctors (cannadoc etc) end up with a hefty price tag. Are the Australia based shops legit? Would love full spectrum, and no THC at all, but am after recommendations just to give it a good try before investing in a TGA application/prescription. Cheers!

Currently through the medical rort, not at all, CBD oils are sold with a prescription at chemists (and even caps, flower etc sometimes). If you apply for TGA (therapeutic goods administration) authority, it is totally legal, but underused.

dr ganja has a really good range for good prices. ships quick to aus and customer service is top

Does anyone know of a reputable local source, or does anyone have experience importing it from overseas and getting it through customs?

I'm really keen to try CBD oil for depression/anxiety, but I'm having some trouble finding a source in Australia.

I'm not necessarily concerned about obtaining it legally, particularly if I can't find any legal sources. Because laws which restrict the accessibility of therapeutic substances (CBD, psylocibin etc) are bullshit. But I'd like some feedback from someone with experience before I go down that route.