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cbd oil bodybuilding

If you follow top strongmen, powerlifters, bodybuilders, and CrossFitters on social media, you’ve probably already seen them post pictures of vials, droppers, or CBD creams, or talk about how and why they use CBD. It’s rapidly joined protein and carbs as part of many athletes’ post-workout recovery regimen, and many say it has helped them control post-workout muscle soreness and improve their overall workout recovery, particularly during intense training phases.

Research about CBD and DOMS is limited for now, but at least one study has shown promising results. A study in the International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health found that trained athletes who took CBD post-workout recovered more quickly and also reported significantly less muscle soreness at 24, 48, 72, and 96 hours post-workout. The researchers’ conclusion was that “CBD appears to have a significant influence on muscle soreness associated with EIMD [exercise-induced muscle damage] DOMS when consumed immediately after strenuous exercise.”

What is CBD?

There are ways to control and limit this delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) both before and after your workout, ranging from doing a more thorough warm-up to doing some low-intensity cardio. Certain supplements, such as HMB and fish oil, have also been shown to help control exercise-induced soreness.*

Balms, creams, and roll-on products are ideal for rubbing on post-workout, or later in the day. Use as you would any other lotion and massage in small circular motions; the skin contains ample ECS receptors that interact with CBD.

Plenty of factors can contribute to post-workout muscle soreness. Maybe you used more weight than you had previously, increased the workout volume, or performed muscle-building intensity-boosters like dropsets or giant sets. All of these can inflict microscopic damage to your muscles, leaving you sore, stiff, and not particularly excited about training again for several days.

CBD has a lot of purported benefits with a lot of anecdotal (and some scientific) evidence to back those claims. Everything from helping cancer patients fight nausea, to acting as a sleep aid for people with insomnia, to reducing seizures in children with a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome.

“As a personal trainer and someone that works out every day and really pushes myself a lot, I noticed the biggest difference in inflammation and stress after a workout,” Tara Laferrara, a former sprinter and a NASM certified personal trainer, told about her personal use of CBD.

Why are we sore after a workout anyway?

There are a few caveats to the bill, but generally you’re now safe to buy CBD across the United States. Even professional athletes can use CBD, as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed it from its prohibited substance list in 2018. So relax, your gold medals are safe.

“Broadly speaking, it does decrease inflammation when it’s rubbed on muscles as an ointment or taken orally,” Dr. Perry Solomon, previous chief medical officer and founding member of HelloMD, told

Yes. In December, President Donald Trump signed a new Farm Bill, which, among other things, legalized the growth, distribution, and sale of industrialized hemp, allowing it to be “cultivated for any use”—including the production and extraction of CBD.

Here are four ways to use CBD for fitness and bodybuilding.

Today, you can purchase CBD in different forms and can buy CBD edibles , tinctures, oils, and capsules. Some analysts predict its share in the health and wellness market to continue to grow, estimating about $2 billion in market value by 2022.

1. CBD Helps Minimize Post-Workout Inflammation

Next, you have to figure out the ideal dose that will help you get the best results. You also want to remain observant by paying attention to how your body responds to CBD, be it before or after a workout.

The process of lifting weight causes minor ties in your muscles, which the body has to repair. It is through this healing and repair process that you gain muscle. This repair process occurs mostly at night when you sleep and your body synthesizes protein into the muscle. After administering CBD, conditions that prevent good sleep, such as pain, anxiety, and stress, will reduce significantly.

Stress has a way of sapping energy and taking away your motivation. This can become the single greatest hindrance to your bodybuilding goals if you don’t find a way to increase your energy level and hit the gym ready to put in the work.