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cbd oil canberra

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Certain medicinal cannabis formulations may be legally prescribed in the ACT.

The TGA will evaluate the application under the requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and ACT Health will evaluate the application against the requirements of the ACT Controlled Medicines Prescribing Standards. Both the TGA and ACT Health must approve the application prior to a prescriber being permitted to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Pharmacists are authorised to supply medicinal cannabis on a valid prescription or purchase order from a prescriber and may require TGA approval documentation to order from a supplier.

Interstate prescribers who hold a current TGA approval to prescribe medicinal cannabis for a patient requiring dispensing from an ACT pharmacy are required to obtain an ACT Chief Health Officer approval. Prescribers are advised to complete the Approval to Prescribe Controlled Medicines application form and submit to ACT Health together with a copy of the TGA approval.

The ACT Medicinal Cannabis Scheme aims to provide patients with safe and legal access to high quality medicinal cannabis products in appropriate circumstances.