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In August 2013, CNN aired a documentary featuring Charlotte Figi, whose well-being had significantly improved after the use of the Stanley brothers’ customized extract. Over the last decade, the Stanley Brothers and the Company have evolved from the proprietary development of a single industrial hemp strain, to a market leader in the production and distribution of innovative hemp-based, cannabidiol (CBD) wellness products.

Charlotte’s Web is focused on building a global CPG company. It is a vertically integrated business that ensures high-quality, efficacy and consistency. The company cultivates on over 700 acres of irrigated farmland and utilizes a 137,000-square-foot manufacturing and R&D facility. Charlotte’s Web also uses a direct-to-consumer distribution network through the company’s flagship website. With the acquisition of Abacus Health Products, the company distributes to more than 22,000 unique retail locations.

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The best CBD comes from the best plants, grown the best way. It’s a science, and an art. Come out to the fields with us to learn how the soil, water, region, and sun determine hemp’s mix of compounds, which is one reason why Charlotte’s Web is not just any CBD oil.

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Dave also asked about my thoughts on the CBD market.

I can tell you that the outlook is actually pretty strong. Total CBD sales could hit as high as $1.9 billion in 2022, according to the Hemp Business Journal. You can see CBD sales growth since 2014 in the chart below.

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Charlotte’s Web hit $2.96 per share in March 2020 but jumped to more than $6.80 in June.

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It bounced up to above $5 following the 2020 election, dropped back down to just above $3 and has climbed back up to around $5 per share today.

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