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cbd oil cold sores

Having the herpes virus means managing a life-long chronic condition. That means there are other lifestyle changes necessary to control the worst symptoms. Maintaining a healthy diet, regularly exercising, and getting enough sleep are critical.

The most common forms of the virus are herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2 (or HSV-1 and HSV-2). Oral herpes (HSV-1) might be present in between 30-95% of the population. About 20% of the US population has genital herpes (HSV-2).

It is likely that you will find both internal and external applications of cannabis to help your condition. By ingesting cannabinoids orally or smoking them, you are in fact boosting your immune system already. Cannabis also has strong anti-viral properties. Certain medical strains are even bred for this trait.


Topical therapies containing cannabinoids can also reduce the pain experienced by herpes sufferers, particularly shingles [3] .

The good news? It appears that cannabis certainly might help. Starting with preventing outbreaks in the first place. While clinical data is still hard to come by (of course), what is available already shows significant promise. Early studies [1] dating from 1980 and later repeated in 1991 and 2004 show the same thing: cells infected with either HSV-1 or 2 stopped replicating when treated with THC.

The good news? It appears that cannabis might be able to treat these conditions. Why? Not only does cannabis have immune-boosting properties, it can also relieve stress in the first place. Cannabinoids appear to reduce the infectiousness of the virus, as well as some of its worst symptoms.

The three main drugs used to treat this virus all have serious side effects. Acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir are the drugs most commonly prescribed. They can also cause headaches and diarrhea. Vomiting is common. In the worst cases, they can actually affect one’s psychology.

The HSV-1 infection is spread from individual to individual through physical contact like kissing or contacting.

Viral contamination called herpes simplex infection (HSV-1) causes a cold sore. It’s firmly identified with the communicated ailment herpes simplex infection (HSV-2), usually simply known as herpes.

You may never have considered CBD as a possibility for dealing with something like a cold sore, however, it contains properties that address the fundamental side effects of a cold sore flare-up: agony and aggravation.

How would you get a Cold Sore?

A cold sore is composed of bunches of rankles loaded up with clear liquid. These patches occur in and around the mouth, particularly in areas with a great deal of bodily fluid.

At the point when the rankles pop, the fluid overflows and dries into a layer of covering. While not especially risky, they’re profoundly infectious, bothersome and delicate. Also, because they happen on the face, it can make victims hesitant.

It might sound insane and perhaps you’d never get it, however, CBD, a characteristic compound found in hemp, shows guarantee in facilitating a cold sore and restricting mouth blister flare-ups.

CBD can’t fix the infection, yet it can make it simpler to oversee.