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Gluten free and vegan, Kickback’s CBD-infused coffee takes a holistic approach to achieving your morning balance. Their single-origin Mexican coffees are available in a couple of different CBD doses, so you can perk up or mellow out in the manner of your choosing.

Sparkling adult beverages are everywhere right now, and you can drink this one while you drive. Gluten free and low-cal, Sprig is a grownup seltzer without the guilt, and their website is full of fun recipes that’ll let you add the guilt yourself (sweet tea sangria, anyone?).

Aurora Elixirs

Oleo’s flavorless CBD powder packets let you decide what beverage is best for your CBD boost. They’re lightweight and portable, perfect for traveling, and versatile enough for stirring into your morning coffee or shaking up in a water bottle midday.

This line of adult sodas from Cannabinoid Creations will make you feel like a kid again, with flavors like “High Tide Honeydew Melon” and “Orange Cream.” Their hemp is pharmaceutical grade, and sustainably farmed, so all you’ll have to worry about is what “Cartoon Cereal Crunch” actually tastes like.

Straight from the hemp-heaven of the Pacific Northwest, this woman-owned company is focusing on unique flavors in their line of CBD-infused sparkling refreshers that provide all the delight of a cocktail without its undesirable side-effects. From rosemary grapefruit to cayenne citron, these grown-up flavors would feel right at home in a cocktail bar, and will look even better in your fridge.

“Tastes like a dream…meet the Glossier of CBD”


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