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cbd oil ebay uk

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New


I have a few serious health conditions and I got to the stage of just being used to being ill every day,friends had tried Hemp oil and a few had very good results from it. pain relief etc. My meds were/are not wonderful at helping me feel better.With nothing to lose I sent for some oil (10ml) Within about 3 days I began to feel a little better,was sceptical but the improvements continued. hence my 2nd order of more oil. I’m not running around like a spring chicken but for me it’s helping and I’m very grateful and many thanks. 2 drops under my tongue twice daily. easy as that. ???

Hemp seed oil can be found in far greater volume and at much less expense at pretty much any supermarket. This shouldn’t be mistaken for hemp oil (from a full hemp plant extract) which commands a greater price.

Would love this to have worked but it’s not for me! Have got Rheumatoid Arthritis and in constant pain, but this doesn’t work for me!

10ml. is very small quite good results I would recommend Biovit Hemp Oil.For anyone to try.Rob

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

Bottle is not too thin. Cap is well built and easy to use. (It’s the little things). Oil absorbs into skin nicely over 5-10 minutes without much messaging in. Placebo is not the deal here. I had strained my back helping the girlfriend learn to ice skate (holding her up for an hour) this nearly eliminated the pain completely for me. I’d rate it as having been a 5-6 pain between lower shoulder blades. Excellent product. Well filtered. Thank you

This product is a food product with NO CBD. CBD is the constituent that has the medical benefits like treating anxiety, depression, cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, insomnia, etc. I’m taking CBD currently and this oil is NOT it. This product would be great on salads and has incredible nutrient density but has absolutely NO healing properties that are claimed in the title line of this ad. The title is misleading and is in fact a lie. Research pressed hemp seed oil vs CBD oil before buying. It’s like saying avocado oil or olive oil will treat your medical conditions. However, as a food, this oil is delicious and great to have in your kitchen but it gets a 3 star rating from me for the misleading title.

don’t believe the title