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cbd oil effects reddit

My husband started taking CBD oil at the recommendation of my mother. He would get HUNDREDS of ulcers in his mouth and down his esophagus. Doctors put him on a very expensive pill (still in its testing phase) that cut the number of ulcers he would get by 75%. But that’s still usually have 10-20 at a time. It was hard for him to talk, eat, or even smile. Not sure how my mom made the connection that it might help, but he was basically like “the pills I’ve been on for years don’t really help, so I might as well try”. He began at Christmas of last year and within a month he had mostly cleared up. He gets maybe 1-2 ulcers every few months now. He has been able to put on more weight and his quality of life has vastly improved. Plus, if he had stayed on the pill we would have never been able to have kids, so that option that we once thought was impossible is now something that could actually happen!

i know that there isn't THC in CBD, but does it have aspect like relaxation or easy sleeping like weed ?

Weed can be extremely relaxing and pleasant at times, and cbd can't come anywhere near being able to make a claim like that. There are times that thc will cause anxiety and prevent you from falling asleep or getting good sleep once you do. I know all this from personal experience, not just hearsay. cbd will cancel out those particular negative effects of weed, making me much more relaxed and able to get some good sleep.

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CBD by itself gives me a small mellow feeling and definitely makes it faster and easier for me to fall asleep. I have also discovered how it can help with joint pain (OMG! i just made a serious pun 😉