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I had some work assignments to tackle on my computer, and I just kind of half-consciously kept taking more as I thought I felt it wearing off.

Backtracking a bit, after the first pleasant couple of hours (half of which involved an in-depth conversation and the other half of which involved running errands around a major city), it started to wear off. It didn’t feel abrupt or disconcerting, and I didn’t feel the physical desire to have more that comes with even something like coffee. But I did enjoy the awareness I’d had and so when I got home (hour 4), I took another 5 or 6 mg dose in water.

I didn’t register a huge change, I think mostly because I was trying to focus outside of myself. But after 3 or 4 hours I was aware of a difficulty in directing my attention any specific way, like my thought-pattern is normally angular or grid-like and this was more spherical (thus trying to complete an assignment was difficult because A to B just didn’t seem to be on the menu in the same way).

I acquired a dropper of oil . I found myself with a CBD CO2-extracted from hemp, which may imply considerably lower potency and higher toxicity (personally, I have no experience with marijuana-derived CBD and thus no context).

After the bathroom, I put on some music I felt I could focus feelings of trust on, got in bed and just prepared to ride it out. 20 minutes or so of that and I discovered the feeling in my body was actually quite pleasurable, and I fell asleep. I woke up five hours later and still felt some lingering effects, went back to bed, and now about ten hours later, I feel a bit fuzzy, with somewhat of a light headache, but generally fine.

And then I took too much.
So, everything I’ve read about CBD says that there is no effective overdose, which I interpret now as meaning it won’t kill you. But, being me I found a dosage that was at least uncomfortable.

Anyway, I took a dose of about 3mg with my coffee early in the day. It kicked in about a half hour later and seemed to last approx. two hours. The experience was of a gentle but genuine shift towards confidence; I felt room to observe/attend to the source of various inner tensions and was able to hold pleasant conversations without much reference to my normal almost crippling anxiety (except to observe its curious absence); I have a theory that anxiety causes a decrease in IQ and I did notice a lack of a need to pause and recall requisite ‘ten dollar words’ or their definitions mid-conversation. Also I felt free to enjoy the apparent assets of my person and character which are usually distorted under waves of self-criticism and doubt; when I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who was attractive and clever.

I thought something was seriously wrong which is when the panic set in. It went as quick as I came on so feeling relitivly normaI decided to take a shower. As I was shower the wave of euphoria kicked in again this time with a vengence. My left arm suddenly felt tingly and felt as is it was vibrating then started to go numb I tried clenching my left fist and bending my arm and there was a weakness there. My heart started racing and I started to get very light headed and dizzy panic set in again as I thought I was having a heart attack. I shot out the shower soaking wet and started pacing around the room worried and afraid of what I had done to myself and that I was going to die.

16.45 I was laying on my bed watching tv and all of a sudden I felt a euphoric feeling in the pit of my stomach normally I would welcome this feeling if I were smoking THC rich bud but I felt slightly alarmed at the fact this stuff was actually legal in the uk and it was CBD so I shouldn�t be feeling this what so eve.r I shot of the bed to look in the mirror to see if my eyes were red or pupils dilated but they weren�t. With my hands on the wall I felt my hands and feet tingle with a mild burning sensation and my palms dripping with sweat my heart started racing and I got a strange pins and needle effect through out my body with a burning sensation across my face. I started pacing around the room as I was afraid and not sure what was happening. My thoughts turned to nothing I felt detached from the world around me and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

I sat on the edge of the bed for a while watching tv trying to take my mind off the way I was feeling like before it subsided. And I felt ok so I decide to get back in the shower as I had cut it short beforehand. I got out the shower and once again It kicked in again. I knew by now that it was coming on in waves and that I had to ride it out no matter what but things got worse and worse. As time went on my left leg started feeling weak and numb as well as my left arm. I then thought I was having a stroke so I got my shit together and went downstairs to where my partner and her mum were sitting and told them what I had done and that I thought something had seriously gone wrong. But even by telling them I still felt distant and anxious and that I was going to die so I was told to sit with them while it wore off but it didn�t. The effect got stronger I felt that I was being pulled through the sofa and that I had no legs as I could not feel them touching the floor. My left arm started again as with my heart.

I bought these high CBD flowers from a vape shop as I gave up smoking regular cannabis a year ago after 14 years of smoking 3grams of top shelf weed from waking up to going to bed everyday. My body one day decided anough is anough and THC made me anxious paranoid and made me feel I was having a stroke or a heart attack every time I smoked.

This is now 3 hours after smoking the CBD-rich flower. With all these feelings I asked them to phone for an ambulance as I was in fear of my life. They arrived and according to all my checks I was fine apart from there being weakness in my left arm which they couldn�t understand. After they left and I started coming back to earth I felt drained tired and relieved that I survived this trip.

16.00 I just got home from work after a 10 hour shift and decided to roll up a 3 skin of orange bud CBD. I rolled it with tobacco and grinded up roughly a gram and put it all in the joint. I smoked CBD the day previous but with no negative effects so I thought I would pack the joint out heavly just for the flavour. I smoked it in roughly 5 to 10 mins as the bud was dry so the burn time wasn�t that good. After the joint I felt very relaxed and had a small sense of well being. I wasn�t expecting any other effects as CBD I have read is 100percent non psychoactive.

From my hard use of cannabis (THC) products for a prolonged period of time I have developed anxiety and panic attack syndrome as a result of this I done some research into CBD as I have heard it is good for anxiety and I do miss the flavour and practise of smoking regular cannabis. Here is my trip report from CBD cannabidiol flower.

The package arrived fast, within 2 days of the order being processed. It arrived with the paperwork, and came in a vacuum sealed bag holding another sealed mylar bag that needed to be cut open above the ziplock to preserve freshness. The package did not smell in the least until the second seal was broken, and was shipped in a solid box to preserve the buds structure.

I decided to try something that would normally be extremely difficult. I switched to the 1911 handgun and went prone on rocks overlooking a field with a forest edge 250 meters away where Vietcong players had a machine gun engaging friendlies on my team. I took some deep breaths and aimed my pistol a few feet over the muzzle flashes and fired two shots to see the trajectory, which missed but were close. I adjusted aim while taking indirect fire that made my character flinch. I held my breath to steady my hand on the mouse, and fired 2 more shots and hit the Vietcong MG player in the head at 248 meters as recorded on the scoreboard, and laughed in amazement that I had actually made that difficult of a shot! In my celebration I failed to notice the players on my flank and was promptly grenaded, causing me to laugh for a few seconds.

At this point I noticed my garage smelled very strongly of something my state (Ohio) considers illegal, and stood up to open the door to my backyard to air it out. However I was not at all paranoid or anxious that someone may think I was up to no good, and felt very calm and relaxed.

. My body felt absolutely wonderful. My head was in a state of deep contentment, and colors seemed more vibrant. The synergy of Nicotine and the hemp flower this time, defiantly produced a sense of strong intoxication, I would not feel comfortable driving in such a state, this feeling of impairment faded away after 10-15 minutes leaving a deep relaxation, calmness and mental clarity. I do believe most of the intoxication was the result of nicotine making me dizzy.

I took this out to the garage to smoke once more and sat down. The taste upon light was even better out of the clay than the first, and mixed very nicely with the tobacco blend I created. The effects however this time were stronger, much stronger. I do not know if this was because of the greater amount used, the previous smoke, or the mix of the tobacco. I inhaled every puff until I knew the tobacco was mostly burning half way down, and then passed the smoke from my mouth through the nose every couple hits. I probably spent 20-25 minutes smoking this pipe.