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Keeping your eye on CBD industry updates is a good idea if you want to keep ahead of the wellness curve. However, putting CBD in your eyes, at this point, is something you should try to avoid—no matter which company claims to have the best CBD eye drops.

Interestingly, THC had the opposite effects and did provide relief for glaucoma. However, in order to get the proper dosing to manage eye pressure daily, you would have to smoke dangerously high amounts of marijuana 8 to 10 times a day.

Removing hemp and CBD from the list of illegal drugs in the United States is a positive stepping stone for attaining more knowledge on the plant and its active chemicals.

Are Even the Best CBD Eye Drops Dangerous?

While the World Health Organization maintains that CBD has no identifiable risk of dependence or abuse, there is still no certain answer whether or not CBD eye drops are dangerous.

Until then, it’s too early to recommend any CBD eye drops. The research is, at worst, a strong case against CBD eye drops, and, according to Alex Straiker, PhD., contradictory at best. We’ll be sure to update you with our choices for the best CBD eye drops once these products are refined and safe to use.

With today’s decreased legal constrictions, scientists are scurrying to explore the potential of industrial hemp and cannabis.

Studies into how marijuana affects the eyes are still underway. Slowly but surely, we’re collectively learning what effects, both short and long term, it can have on eyesight.

Moreover, concerning the lipophilic nature of CBD oil and its compatibility with the eyes, there is a need for more qualitative evidence.

An ophthalmic formula must penetrate the watery tear layer and pass through the cornea to reach the eye. Since cannabis solutions may not dissolve in water, it is difficult for natural and synthetic cannabinoids to be effective topical eye application.

According to a 2008 study 9 abundant growth of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) proteins is the major cause of abnormal blood vessel growth in the retina.

Can you use CBD oil as eye drops?

But, What are the merits and demerits of CBD eye drops over prescription eye drops?

Results of CBD

Results of THC

From the above discussions, we can perceive that research so far shows mixed results on the effect of CBD eye drops. Also, research in this area is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Therefore, it is hardly possible to arrive at any conclusion if CBD as eye drops are safe to use.