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cbd oil for cml

I am not at all convinced, I have Myelodisplastic Syndrome RAEB2 which will eventually deteriorate into

If one is on chemotherapy it’s hugely dangerous to take any medication, herbal or otherwise without checking with your Consultant.

All of us who are suffering from cancer want a cure and there are many charlatans online who will take advantage of our plight and fleece your bank account.

I have read of miraculous cures contributing to the us of cannabis oil, and have been told many times by friends that I should be using this.

Dont be fooled!! Trust your medical team.

4 Years ago I got hurt in an auto accident (not my fault) and have been battling an insurance company for my survival ever since. Lost everything, literally everything. Car, money, college, the woman I love, a future, my physicality, everything. So to get DX’d around now is devastating to say the least.

After taking the pills for almost a week though, I’ve noticed the palpitations getting weaker, not so much in my skull, but still in the chest and heart area.

Since all leukemias are Cannabinoid receptor 1 & 2 expressive cancer genes, this is how and why THC, THCA, THCV, CBD, CBC, CBN, CBDA, CBDV among many other cannabidiol (might’ve spelled that wrong) are killing cancers like a boss. or so I’m told from these places and patients.

Pretty ridiculous. I suspect radon in the basement messing with a hip injury to be the culprit cause.
At any rate. I was near homeless, starved for 5 days, then a day and a half later, 2 more days. And my white count went from 90K+ to 72K, strange.

Big Pharma and the American Government has known about this for the last 19 years (or way more, probably since 1937.) And the only reason they’re not as into it as the dispensaries, and commercial growers, or caregivers (all legal of course) is because you CANNOT patent a plant that naturally grows on the EARTH by law. Any law. So what they’re trying to do is develop a derivative from cannabis to patent and profit from. but apparently their PILL forms of their cannabis extracts aren’t working. Certainly nowhere near as well as the real raw thing. So that’s why it’s illegal, and they’re trying to keep marijuana an illegal schedule 1 narcotic here in the states for exactly that reason, until they finally find a way to rip off the “cool kids” yet again, like they do everything else.