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cbd oil for dogs ohio

The FDA is primarily concerned with products that use isolated cannabinoids vs. full-spectrum (when you remove one chemical from the group and introduce it into the body it may not respond the same as it would if it arrived with its cohorts). Products with high levels of isolated THC, for instance, can be highly toxic to pets, and can actually turn off the endocannabinoids. For this reason, we encourage you to check FDA’s website to make sure the product you are buying is not on their “hot list”.

These are the chemicals, when used in the correct combination that may provide symptom relief in some pets. (reference:

In July of 2019, the following update was provided by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy“Recent changes to Ohio law (SB 57) removed hemp and hemp products containing no more than three-tenths of a percent THC from the state’s definition of marijuana. Hemp products, including hemp derived CBD (cannabidiol), can now be sold outside of a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

You may have heard from a friend, or read a blog, or seen an Amazon ad pop up on your phone about how your dog can benefit from CBD oil or Hemp chews. Studies are being conducted as you read this to provide more insight into these theories. However; we encourage you to approach this issue with caution. Due to high demand in the cannabis industry, quality control can be lacking. We encourage you to request that certificate of analysis for not only dosing information, but also because it will provide information on the presence of fungicides and pesticides.

Many pet owners wish to use CBD oil as a replacement for other pain killers because of a perceived decrease in side effects of CBD over NSAID type pain relievers. In human studies, CBD has been shown to reduce arthritis pain, as well treat neurologic symptoms. By extrapolation, dogs may benefit because dogs have CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout their Central Nervous System. CBD could also be very effective for acute pain, easing post-operative pain which contributes to healing.

SB 57 also established a Hemp Cultivation and Processing Program. The Ohio Department of Agriculture is charged with the licensure of hemp cultivators and processors.“

The hot topic in pet-owning circles these days is the efficacy of CBD in treating dogs with chronic pain, neurologic symptoms or anxiety. It should be noted that we are here to dispense information only gathered from research only, not patient specific CBD recommendations or dosing suggestions. With that said, here is the science and some legalities behind this burning issue.

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