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cbd oil for dogs on 4th of july

Select Best Friends locations* will be selling Honest Paws CBD Bites, Soft Chews and CBD Oil for all dog sizes and in different formulas for calmness, mobility, relief, and general wellness. Sourced from one farm in Colorado, CBD Bites active ingredients include organic full-spectrum hemp containing naturally occurring CBD and with no GMOs, corn or soy. Soft Chews carried at Best Friends are formulated for Calm or for Mobility for joint stiffness.

As the Fourth of July holiday preparations are underway, there are sure to be barbecues and family fun and fireworks. For family pets, the fireworks experience offers giant booms, flashes of light and strange smells, and the experience can seem like an assault to a dog’s senses and be extremely anxiety-provoking. Unless your dog is acclimated to loud noises, such as hunting rifles, most family pets need help staying calm when fireworks are in the works and will be grateful to their pet owner for finding a solution to help them through the booms and bangs of Independence Day.

Through a partnership with Honest Paws CBD Pet Products, select Best Friends Pet Hotels nationwide will be making available their natural dog products for sale for pet parents. CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid, found in the hemp plant. Like humans, it works with the endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis or a balanced state in your body.

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According to Darryl Sampson, Best Friends Pet Hotel VP/Operations, “As a pet care provider, we know that July 4th can be a stressful evening for anxious pets. We are proud to offer in select locations a wonderful array of Honest Paws CBD Pet Care Products to help relieve any stress or anxiety to our beloved dogs and cats while we enjoy our national holiday.”

The Honest Paws CBD oil tinctures are offered in 30-day supply using naturally occurring CBD, and formulated for different size dogs. The oil is free of gluten, GMOs, Xylitol and soy and is formulated either as Calm Oil (with chamomile) to maintain calmness and behavioral problem management, or as Wellness Oil recommended for assisting the immune system, maintain calmness and support cognitive health.

Honest Paws is also offering a delicious CBD Peanut Butter jar, perfect for peanut butter-loving canines who also need a gluten and dairy-free human grade product free of GMOs, Xylitol and Soy, and a Coconut Oil jar and CBD balm for all dog and cat sizes.

More than 63 percent of U.S. households have one or more pets, and unfortunately, animal control officers nationwide report a 30 percent increase in lost pets each year between July 4th and July 6th due to frantic runaway pets.

We all know that loud noises can scare our canine companions. But if you think a firework show is loud, remember that your dog’s hearing is almost four times as sensitive as yours! Imagine what those blasts sound like to them. It might be similar to a bomb going off in their home.

Did we mention that shopping with HolistaPet is totally hassle-free? Their website is super easy to sort through — no digging required to find what you need. They offer subscription packages for loyal customers (save 25%!) and a no-questions-asked return policy. Plus, you’ll receive tons of savings and discounts if you tune into their email newsletters. All of these customer perks are a godsend in the CBD market where quality products can be quite costly.

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You also want to look into a company’s third-party testing standards. A responsible company will pay to have their products tested to verify the cannabinoid levels are as they should be (enough CBD to be effective, not enough THC to induce a high).

When your dog feels threatened, their flight-or-fight instincts kick in. This means their nervous system is going into overdrive, their brains flood with adrenaline, and all they want to do is take off and run to safety. Unfortunately, when fireworks are going off all night long on the Fourth, a safe, quiet place is hard to find. This inescapable situation can lead to your dog feeling trapped, which only increases their fear.

Several factors determine your dog’s comfort around fireworks. Their breed, previous exposure to loud sounds, and age all play into whether they will be scared of fireworks. Young puppies that are still learning the difference between danger and safety may be more prone to firework phobia, as are dogs with trauma surrounding loud sounds.