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cbd oil for epilepsy uk

"We went from constant seizures and being in hospital all the time to her being happy and attending school," she says.

Ms Montgomery says her daughter's life has been transformed since she started taking medical cannabis three years ago.

'We felt we had to break the law'

Since it was legalised two years ago, only a handful of NHS prescriptions have been issued.

"He was violent and aggressive before and we had no quality of life.

Charlie went from having up to 120 seizures a day to fewer than 20, became more vocal, took an interest in his toys and began to feed himself after taking Bedrolite, his family says.

CBD products sold online and in health food shops are not licensed as medicines. Companies selling these products are not allowed to make any claims about their ability to treat any condition. It is extremely unlikely that they will be made to the same standard as medicines. And you cannot guarantee what their quality will be.

It sounds like you have had a really tough time with your epilepsy. Unfortunately many people with epilepsy have problems with their memory.

What about medicines containing THC?

Read Epilepsy Action’s campaigns page about epilepsy and cannabis-based medicines.

There’s also not enough evidence yet to say if products containing both CBD and THC are safe or effective. Neither is there evidence to say if the THC component is of any additional benefit. We do know, however, that THC does have a risk of additional side-effects.

Hi I suddenly developed Epilepsy 15 years ago unfortunately I have tried every anti epileptic medication and suffered some terrible side effects from the drugs. The only 2 that I can take is Keppra 1,500mgs mane and 1,750mgs at night. I have clozban as a rescue medicine but it just knocks me out. My seizures are still averaging 8 to 12 a month. I had a VNS fitted 5 years ago but this was unsuccessful. Do you think that I could be a candidate for CBD treatment? My Epilepsy Nurse mentioned it but then said don’t hold your breath. I live in Plymouth and also under the Bristol Hospital and waiting for Telemetry testing again. How-ever I am suffering from huge problems with my short term memory and this has clearly been noticed on the Neuropsychology testing that I had done last year. I have read back over my notes and 8 years ago they said that I wasn’t a candidate for Surgery. If surgery did become an option in the future would this effect my memory even worse? How long does it take to recover from the surgery?