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cbd oil hair follicle test

The market in the UK is worth around £300m a year and that figure is rising, especially as the number of CBD oil users is now in the hundreds of thousands. These figures are expected to triple over the next 5 years according to Savills. Because of the surge in demand for CBD, pharmaceutical companies are entering the industry and attempting to improve the education, knowledge, and reputation of CBD products to maximise their profits.

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What’s the difference between CBD and THC?

To avoid this unlikely scenario, labs should use different testing methodologies from GC-MS, or they should avoid the agent trifluoroacetic anhydride (TFAA). Fortunately, more advanced drug testing facilities have moved away from GC-MS and are using RP-HPLC, a faster and more reliable test. The High-Performance Liquid Chromatography linked to a tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) offers more detail into the different cannabinoids and delivers results in as little as 10 minutes. GC-MS is still widely used for testing broadly about which drugs have been consumed, but it can lack certain details, as is proven in this example.

The difference is primarily a chemical one, with their structures being different, however, both CBD and THC (the main active component of cannabis) are members of the cannabinoid family. CBD does not have the same psychoactive effect as that of THC. The same plant can produce both chemicals, because they are both derived from CBGA. The CBGA will then convert into CBD or THC, dependent on the enzyme that acts on it, with THCA synthase turning CBGA into THC, and CBDA synthase converting it into CBD.

It is noted that CBD extracts from the marijuana plant that contains high levels of THC are illegal to consume or use.

For these reasons, CBD newcomers are often concerned about consuming this cannabis extract. Now, we can help alleviate your fears but, to do so, we have to help you understand how CBD works, so you can make an informed choice about using this cannabinoid.

Also, understand that the technicians doing the test are interested in collecting your hair. Thus, they will use the hair closer to your scalp because it is the nearest growth, and will most accurately indicate your recent THC use. Since human hair grows at the rate of about half an inch per month, it takes around three months to attain 1.5 inches, which is required for the test. Note that if you have excess THC in your system, you will test positive.

What Is a Drug Test?

Even given the concerns about this test, there is a reason why employers prefer the hair follicle testing method to check for THC presence in their employees. Hair tests have helped more employers differentiate between drug users and non-drug users, as compared to urine tests. Urine drug testing programs have become less popular because urine is more susceptible to tampering through hydration, substitution, and adulteration. Applicants who want to cheat have a harder time when a hair follicle drug test is involved. There are several reasons why hair analysis is considered to be more productive.

We can certainly tell you why many people choose to use CBD: they report relief from aches, stress, or other symptoms. As such, many CBD users view this cannabis extract as an alternative to less natural, over-the-counter medications. Still, because certain forms of CBD may contain trace amounts of THC, you should be cautious if you know you’ll be subject to drug testing.

You may feel confident about testing negative on your drug test after using CBD, only to discover that you’ve failed. And, some people test positive for THC when using a full-spectrum CBD product such as CBD oil. Below are the reasons why.