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cbd oil in france

Does it work as a medicine?

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Numerous plants contain cannabinoids, yet individuals most generally interface them to cannabis.

France is Europe’s top manufacturer of hemp as well as the third-largest producer globally.


For cosmetic use, CBD cannabis oil is used pure or mixed with other fatty substances such as shea butter or other oils (sweet almond, coconut). We then lend him hydrating and soothing properties which appear after application to the skin or hair.

Cannabidiol oil can also simply be taken by oral. Just place the desired amount of CBD drops under your tongue. You can also mix them with another substance to reduce the taste, by soaking the drops in sugar or by diluting them in a spoonful of honey. The soothing properties CBD would decrease addiction, especially to its cousin the THC molecule. CBD could also relieve pain. In no case does CBD oil cause a high effect. It can therefore be used without fear of side effects. Taking it orally and not by inhalation in an electronic cigarette has the advantage of allowing enjoy its effects without suffering the inconvenience of smoke.

The name CBD oil defines an oil (generally vegetable) with a strong cannabidiol content. Vegetable oils are known to be rich in vitamins, fatty acids and are the perfect carrier for you to feel better. Cannabidiol oil is no exception to the rule and comes with many virtuous effects : relaxation, muscle relaxation, better sleep, pain relieving effect and many more.

Does France produce cannabidiol oil?

CBD should not be confused with THC.

Several scientific studies believe that cannabidiol is a product of the future that could eventually be used therapeutically. About thirty countries around the world already authorize medical cannabis, very often in the form of CBD oil, pure or enclosed in capsules. This is particularly the case of Canada, one of the pioneer countries in this area, but also Israel or, within the European Union itself, the Netherlands.

CBD oil in France also enters into the composition of some liquids for electronic cigarettes, also called CBD e-liquids. The electronic cigarette allows the smoker wishing to stop smoking to keep the gestures while getting rid of the harmful agents present in conventional cigarettes. No major addictive effects is, in fact, recognized in cannabidiol which would seem on the contrary to contribute to relieve addictions. This is valid for both nicotine and THC and therefore concerns both tobacco smokers and black market cannabis smokers who wish to switch to a legal, clean and less harmful product.

There are also CBD acne treatments. CBD hemp oil would in particular make it possible to relieve skin irritations and regulate excess sebum. She is finally naturally rich in vitamins A and E.