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cbd oil in germany

We at LIMUCAN would like to continue the millennia-old history of hemp with our products.

The “Good Manufacturing Practice” production standard places special demands on ingredients, hygiene, premises, machinery, documentation and controls. This makes our CBD oil one of the highest quality CBD oils.

LIMUCAN CBD Oil: German production, highest standards

These points make LIMUCAN CBD Oil 5% one of the best:

It contains approx. 500mg CBD.

However, the scientific research of CBD oil with humans is still limited. In the United States, cannabidiol is classified as a List 1 drug (with no currently accepted medical use and with high potential for abuse), so that the government requires extensive documentation and extensive regulations from researchers who are interested in studying it.

100% natural hemp extract: CBD 9.77% | 0.28% CBDA | 0.06% CBC | 0.03% CBDV | 0.01% CBG | 0.02% d9 THC / THCA

Made by our dear neighbors, the Netherlands from premium hemp seed oil and best cannabis extract from Germany.

We still have much to learn about CBD

Content: 10ml | hempextract 500mg = 5% | THC max. 0.01%

Full spectrum oil from CO2 extraction.

It is rich in terpenes and has the largest variety of cannabinoids for maximum effect.

Do not take during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Always consult a physician before adjusting your diet or using a new product. This product is not suitable for diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing diseases.

Germany started growing hemp again after the Second World War, but fulfilled only 20% of the domestic hemp demand and had to import the rest from nearby countries like Italy.

The primary difference between hemp and marijuana is the THC content. Hemp plants are strains of Cannabis sativa that don’t produce any more than 0.2% THC by dried weight. Marijuana plants are any Cannabis sativa plant that produces more than this 0.2% THC limit.

Germany has a growing CBD market. Thanks to its friendly legal attitudes towards hemp and CBD, you can purchase CBD products in-store and online — with the exception of CBD edibles and hemp flower.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Cannabis produces over 100 cannabinoids, and the most common ones are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis known for producing the high associated with recreational use. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t induce this high, and it’s mostly known for its relaxing, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Germany has a rich history of using hemp and medical marijuana. For more than three decades, the European superpower prohibited hemp, allowing its cultivation only for scientific and research purposes.

However, there’s one restriction on CBD that Germany introduced in July 2019 — the Novel Food Regulation.

Cannabis history in Germany dates back to the Roman period (800 – 500 BC). Germans used hemp seeds as a staple food, and in the Middle Ages, they started using cannabis for its medicinal benefits.