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cbd oil in portugal

The regulation considers extracts of Cannabis sativa L. and derived products containing CBD to be novel foods as there’s no history of significant consumption before May 15, 1997.

By the 18th century, cannabis cultivation was widely spread and used for food (including its oil), medicine (for the treatment of cough, jaundice, and gonorrhea), and its psychoactive effects.

Best CBD Oil in Portugal:

CBD is available only in licensed pharmacies, which doesn’t leave you many options. You can’t buy it legally over the counter unless you obtain a prescription from your doctor.

Until mid-2018, you could buy CBD in a physical store as a food supplement. Today, CBD in Portugal is allowed only for medicinal use via a doctor’s prescription.

Portuguese colonizers would bring cannabis to their new colonies in South America, introducing the plant to the indigenous people and educating them on how to grow it.

After the discovery of CBD oil, it has been used by people to treat different medical conditions. Not just that but also its success has led to a transformation in the healthcare industry. But a host of questions surround the use of CBD oil.

It was finally how medicinal hemp reached Portugal’s cities and the development and processing of CBD oil followed along with it. That said, let us have a look at the actual legal status of CBD oil in Portugal.

History of Cannabidiol in Portugal

Surprisingly enough, there is only one cannabis-based drug that has been legal for several years in Portugal-Sativex. However, since 2012, this medicinal drug has become legal but its use is very limited. First, this medicine is quite expensive because of the stigma associated with cannabis, and second.

We are both aware by now that CBD oil is a hemp plant product. While its legalization encircles cannabis at large. Nonetheless, the use of CBD oil would also depend on the legislation pertaining to medicinal cannabis. And this is exactly what happened back in Portugal a couple of years ago.

The second amendment was tabled by the Left Committee. This presented a path map for drug distribution and production. Okay, they all rejected the plans. They were in favor of selling cannabis at a reasonable price and set a cap on the black market. That would have permitted a much-needed change. In June 2018, however, medicinal cannabis was eventually legalized. This move was gaining significant support from the Socialist and Social Democratic League.