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cbd oil in scotland

The HopeCBD Stadium, Hamilton

We are delighted to announce that HopeCBD has now landed in the Highlands. Consumers of CBD products in the north are now able buy from a brand new store on Elgin High Street.

Legality of CBD Oil In Scotland?

CBD is taken to supplement a potentially depleted and deficient Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This is a system of cell receptors found in the body that are named after the plant that led to its discovery.

Undoubtedly, it is another proud moment for HopeCBD as we aim to spread the #cbdmovement across Scotland, and the UK. We love to see our customer base expanding and wish McHemp the very best of luck in its new venture. Futhermore, we thank them for their support and custom in using HopeCBD to showcase CBD in Elgin.

HopeCBD are proud to call Scotland home and from here we sell CBD all over the UK and into the EU.

To begin with, we were more than happy sourcing CBD which we loved from other companies however, we were given the opportunity to source some CBD oils that we could brand ourselves. And why not!?

I would like to try CBd oil for severe anxiety, what do you recommend?

Do You Agree With our Best CBD oil from Scotland?

The great thing about the Cannadonia CBD oil range is that they have a wide selection of strengths that cater to almost everyone – their range includes CBD contents of 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg & 2000mg. By far the most popular is the 10% oils which is widely loved in our shop!

I have used CBD oil for anxiety, and it has also helped with my asthma. One of my friends used it for pain relief to replace co-codamol. Thanks for sharing this.

We at Hemp are in the unique position of being able to provide neutrality and objectivity . As part of our mission as a not for profit social enterprise (100% of our profits go to the community around us!) , we simply wish to share our knowledge and give you the best product options for you and share the products that are the most popular with our customers. Every single penny that is made in profit is being used to go back into the communities around us so a good reason to purchase with us!