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cbd oil italia

Authoritative sources frequently reference research where cannabidiol has been administered in titanic doses of over 1 gram per day, and no psychoactivity was reported as a result. We hope that Italy intends to support CBD in future. Choosing to support CBD will boost the health and well-being of the Italian population while enabling a budding industry that can provide jobs and economic benefits.

These recent activities are a direct threat to the Italian cannabis industry. This market is currently valued at ?134.17 million. Over 15,000 businesses are involved in the Italian cannabis trade, allowing for incredible employment opportunities across the country.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Italy?

We are grateful to see that the Italian Ministry of Health is taking the time to re-examine and potentially change their decision. While pharmaceutical industries can provide high-quality items with excellent standards, it is crucial to keep these herbal, natural products available to the public at an affordable price.

Luckily, on October 28, this newly enacted decree was suspended. Roberto dropped the ban on CBD sales, revising the placement of cannabidiol on the Italian table of medicines that leverage active, narcotic substances.?

This new decree would have effectively labelled CBD as a narcotic. CBD, a gentle plant compound enjoyed by grandmas in need, and lovable pets? it couldn’t even get a flea high!

Shortly after the introduction of the loose laws, Italy experienced a thriving period known as the green gold rush.

The CBD market was challenging to regulate. While many companies operate with integrity, some retailers jumped into the market, hoping to make a quick buck at the expense of quality and safety. This forced authorities to react with stricter legal changes in 2019.

How to Buy CBD Products in Italy in 2021

Hemp cultivation for fiber and textile is an old tradition in Italy, and the crop was used for food, oils for lightning, traditional tablecloths, ropes and sails, clothing, and animal feed.

In 2016, the Italian government allowed the cultivation of hemp with less than 0.2% without a license. Popularly known as cannabis light, the low-THC hemp variety made a boom in Italy’s cannabis industry, and slowly, the legal THC limit went up to 0.6%.

Depending on what you’re looking for, CBD can vary in properties such as cannabinoid concentration, taste, form, and method of use. However, there are several common quality standards for CBD products.