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cbd oil jakarta

A statement on the fundraising website read: “Pip made a very grave error of judgment and is extremely sorry. As the people who love him, we simply can’t face watching him serve five to 15 years in one of the toughest prisons in the world or worse.

Following a series of high-profile cases involving children in the UK being denied access to cannabis oil to control epileptic seizures, the home secretary announced in October that cannabis-derived medicine would be made available via prescription.

Holmes, from Cornwall, said police stated that the weight of the bottles he received in the post from a friend in Thailand was 31g, which equates to around 3g of cannabis oil.

“As it stands, I don’t know if I’m about to spend a few months in rehabilitation or if I’m about to face five to 15 years in Kerobokan – one of the toughest prisons on earth.”

“There is a legal team in Bali that can help him get into a rehab facility instead. There he would serve a few months and also get the help he needs. He doesn’t deserve a long sentence. He needs our help.”

Holmes, who described himself as a painter and surfer, spent six days in a police cell before being transferred to a rehabilitation facility after his lawyers argued that he was a drug user rather than a drug trafficker.

He was one of five people arrested by Indonesian police for alleged drug smuggling last week in Denpasar, the capital of Bali province.

She began by growing 500 stalks of high-cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis that she finished indoors.

"So I didn't plant the seeds from the start. There are many ready-made seedlings here, so as growers we just have to provide space, take care of permits and maintenance," she said.

“It's very quiet there. It was like healing. The business prospects are also very promising," he said to the Post.

Indonesia, Rom said, needs to study what fields will benefit from a marijuana industry. Like many other supporters of marijuana legalization in the country, he believes that with the right knowledge, education, policies and rule enforcement, Indonesia can take this step.

New York has extended its legalization of marijuana from solely medical use to recreational use. According to Rom, this will open up huge potential for the cannabis industry in the city.

The laws regarding cannabis are very strict in Indonesia, and you should be really careful when smoking weed in Jakarta. Any cannabis-related activity can give you a harsh time and it’s important to note that cannabis isn’t decriminalized. If you get caught with the amount that exceeds 5 grams, you can end up in prison or pay a huge fine. The police usually don’t focus on cannabis users, but they rather focus on drug raids that often happen in the places where the nightlife is going on. If you want to smoke, don’t do it in public places or nightclub areas, but rather find some secluded park and enjoy yourself.

The best place for scoring decent quality cannabis is Kampung Ambon, which is known to be the place with the highest quality weed in Jakarta. Other places to try your luck are Block M or Kemang. You won’t be approached by people, but if you’re asking for cannabis discretely, someone will eventually point you in the right direction. You can also get a good quality weed in nightclubs, but we don’t recommend you to buy there because nightclubs are known for frequent police raids.

Where to Get Cannabis in Jakarta

The prices in Indonesia are funny compared to the western world. For example, you can get one gram of decent quality weed for around $1. The majority of weed is outdoor grow, but the best quality comes from Aceh region. If you prefer hashish more, it will be very hard to find any in Jakarta.

Jakarta is a very popular city that attracts many tourists throughout the whole year. It’s not hard to get a decent quality weed for a low price, but as the laws are pretty strict, you should be really careful when being involved in any activity related to weed. Don’t smoke in public or touristy places but instead, find a secluded place and simply enjoy the joint. Enjoy your stay in Jakarta!