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Most of the people we help live outside of Auckland and throughout the country. As long as you have a phone OR can attend a Zoom appointment, we can consult with you about medicinal cannabis and CBD oil in NZ online.

Am I eligible for medicinal cannabis?

There are a range of products available in NZ including CBD oils, capsules, vapes and gummies. Choosing the right product to suit your requirements is important. Our medical professionals can help you determine which product type is most suitable for your personal needs.

Medicinal cannabis can help you if your symptoms are not improving using conventional medications or you are experiencing side effects of the treatment. It can also help you if you prefer to use plant based medicines over pharmaceutical medications.

Yes we can. If your doctor has prescribed you a medicinal cannabis product, we can help! Furthermore, you will be eligible for a free specialist phone consultation to help answer any questions you may have and help you as you start your journey. After this appointment, you can email us at any time with any questions or updates about how you are getting on.

You may also find not all doctors will prescribe CBD oil due to a lack of experience, education and/or confidence in prescribing such products. Luckily, The Hemp Foundation have already completed some incredible work in educating and surveying over 600 GP’s in New Zealand who are now confidently prescribing CBD oil for patients. According to The Hemp Foundation 89% of 280 GPs surveyed in 2017 did not know about their own endocannabinoid system, despite our Ministry of Health knowing about it for at least ten years.

The legalization of hemp has led to the demand for higher CBD and lower THC products. This has breeders doing the opposite; selectively breeding to reduce THC and boost CBD.


Unlike most plants, hemp/cannabis have male and female sexes and reproduce sexually. This is crucial to the survival of the species and has contributed to its success over the millennia. Sexual reproduction provides several advantages such as being able to pollinate for several miles, thus increasing potential for the species to spread; cross pollinating with a species that has different traits can produce offspring that are most suitable for that particular environment, and it makes it easier for humans to manipulate the plants through selective breeding.

Prior to April 1st 2020, importing CBD was a cost-effect method of being able to buy CBD oil in New Zealand. Now, with current regulations, you are unable to do this. The reason for this is that as CBD oil and other cannabis products became more popular with the explosion of scientific evidence around cannabis efficacy, many products were produced to meet market demand with some companies making claims that were far from accurate

Most do not contain much more than a few tenths of a percent of THC, and the CBD is typically only a few percent. There are some landraces in Africa and Asia that do contain a significant amount of THC and low CBD. There are some of what were originally used to increase THC during prohibition.

I suggest caution when purchasing from any NZ website that claims to sell CBD oil online or full spectrum hemp online. You just don’t know what you are getting – many are labelled as “full spectrum hemp oil” and that is what they are, just hemp seed oil, which you can buy at the supermarket.

All of these companies are currently importing CBD oil at various concentrations and sizes from overseas. Their products originate from the USA, the UK and Switzerland.

Yes, but hemp gummies are likely to only contain hemp (seed) oil and not any CBD! So it is best practice to consume CBD gummies only, as you know you are getting CBD oil as opposed to hemp seed oil which can be purchased from the supermarket.

CBD oil and cannabis oil taken orally takes time to work and lasts longer whereas inhaled cannabis works immediately but for a short period of time. Combining the two methods gives you the best of both worlds. Image courtesy of Aphria.

The weakest concentration of CBD oil currently available in NZ is 10mg / mL of CBD and the strongest is up to 150mg / mL of CBD. Some products are full spectrum and broad spectrum, whilst others are CBD isolates. Most come in 25mL to 30mL bottles.

You can also consider using CBD rollers, which are very similar to CBD cream but without the mess, thereby keeping your hands clean. Both cream and rollers contain CBD and can be very effective.

There are many CBD products available in NZ. However, chances are that you are struggling to find any information about CBD in New Zealand.

Another option to consider here is to use CBD oil droppers to apply a few drops of CBD oil directly on your skin and rub it in.