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Besides quality CBD oil in the lowest price range for the price of €9,95 per bottle, you can also choose for extra high quality all the way up to first-class quality CBD oil for those who want the purest and the best.

CBD oil is a natural product which consists of a carrier oil, like for instance olive oil, to which a CBD-rich hemp extract is subsequently added. The CBD is extracted from hemp plants which have been approved for legal cultivation according to European guidelines. CBD oil has a large number of favorable characteristics:

What is CBD?

After THC the most important ingredient which can be found in the cannabis plant and hemp is CBD. It is thought that cannabidiol and other cannabinoids can play an extremely important role in our body and in the bodies of animals.

All products which are on offer in our CBD healthshop, are derived from EU-certified hemp plants. This means that the THC-level in these plants has remained below the legal limit, ensuring a mind altering effect can definitely not occur.

In order to obtain oil with extremely low THC-percentages, hemp plants were chosen which are legally cultivated for many industrial means. These hemp plants were then further bred for obtaining a CBD-percentage as high as possible.

Producing CBD is closely monitored from seed to the CBD.
After that, our products are checked in internal and external laboratories.

All CBDnewcare products are produced according to GMP guidelines. This means that you are always assured of a constant quality.

Why CBDnewcare?

Through a unique extraction process, CBDnewcare only delivers products that are free of THC. No measurable levels of THC are detected in laboratories. This makes our product particularly safe to use.

CBD and what’s all that good for? We hope you’ve already won enough information about the facts of cbd oil. We can’t tell you about this because all the positive messages are not medically substantiated and no claims can be made (who knows that is going to change).

CBDnewcare meets the international requirements in the field of quality management.

Depending on where you want to shop, you can get an address in Europe or the US. If you choose to buy from an American brand, we recommend Shipito’s mail forwarding service. You can also use Skypax as an alternative.

Marijuana is a term used to describe Cannabis sativa plants with high THC concentrations. Most European countries treat any cannabis plant as marijuana if its THC content exceeds 0.2% (this limit can vary from one country or region to another).

You can purchase CBD in hundreds of local shops — health food stores, vitamin and supplements stores, specialized CBD shops, and health and beauty stores.

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You may think that if the government tolerates marijuana in coffee shops, then CBD would be treated in the friendliest possible way — well, not really.

The cultivation of industrial hemp with less than 0.2% became legal in the Netherlands in 1999 after the European Union (EU) encouraged member states to grow hemp by giving them subsidies.

Before you purchase any CBD product, you should get acquainted with the standards that define CBD quality.

Where does this put CBD laws?