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cbd oil spray dosage

We spoke to some of our CBD users, and asked them to document their CBD usage, as well as their satisfaction with it. Some we asked to use inconsistently, or as and when they felt like it. The others we asked to use every day with a tight focus on consistency. You can see the results below for yourself.

CBD is still a totally new concept to most people, and yet in the last year over 6 million adults in the UK tried it. As the UK’s number 1 CBD brand, we’re continuously engaging with our users to find the best ways to use and buy CBD. That’s why we know how to get the best CBD dosage for you.

Vaping is ideal for being on-the-go too, but it’s better when you’re at rest. Whether you’re sat working in a vape-friendly office, or outside a café enjoying a hot drink, our entire range of CBD e-liquids are great for having a quick dose in a variety of situations.

The best CBD experience

If you weren’t satisfied, shift up by 20mg a day.

Now you know why CBD’s promotion of balance makes it usable at various points throughout the day, let’s get into what products best suit what time. We’ll provide a simple walkthrough of our entire range using an easy-to-understand timeline that you can map onto your own everyday life.

Rather than a light spray, our CBD Oral Drops give a far fuller taste experience thanks to the rich hemp seed oil. Apply it under the tongue in the same way, and enjoy either our fully natural hemp flavour, our lemon citrus-blast, or our fan-favourite berry. There are plenty of potential favourite flavours to try!

We’ve also launched a range of CBD Isolate E-liquids. With a lower dosage, and none of the cannabinoids found in the other two, they’re a light and simple way to take CBD. They come in six delicious flavours too, meaning they’re perfect for first time CBD vapers.

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