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cbd oil switzerland

We are a family-owned cannabis producer in Switzerland with customers in 58 countries since 2013.

We do not make any health claims about any of our products. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Organic CBD oil

We produce more than 300 different premium health and cosmetic products made from organic Swiss hemp.

Our blog contains articles written by experts on subjects like cannabinoids and CBD guides.

We have been published in many international media such as Forbes, Daily Mail, Le Monde, Los Angeles Times and Google News.

If you still can’t find a reason why you would switch from traditional to online shopping, here are a few reasons that will let you see things from another perspective.

The cannabis culture in Switzerland is outstanding thanks to the long cannabis tradition and the flexibility of the authorities.

You’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect CBD product if you do a little homework on various CBD brands. Bookmark or write down the ones you like the most, and then compare prices, check if they’re completely transparent about the CBD they sell, and their product range.

Is CBD Legal in Switzerland?

Switzerland actively cultivated cannabis until the Industrial Revolution. Between the 18th and the 19th century, the country reduced the number of hemp fields because it needed more land for farming livestock.

However, even in a country where everything is almost perfect, it’s good to be cautious. If you don’t do your research on brands and their products, you’re risking both your money and wellbeing. There are plenty of reputable brands, but there are also retailers who’ve joined the business only for money, often with a lack of expertise and ethics.

In 1924, Switzerland introduced the Narcotic Act to fulfill its promise to ban cannabis cultivation after it signed the International Opium Convention (1912).

Unlike marijuana, which is used mostly for recreational and sometimes medicinal purposes, hemp is used for fiber, food, and CBD extraction.