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cbd oil withdrawal

A recent meta-analysis published in JAMA cites the overall prevalence of cannabis withdrawal syndrome as 47% among “individuals with regular or dependent use of cannabinoids.” The authors of the study raise the alarm that “many professionals and members of the general public may not be aware of cannabis withdrawal, potentially leading to confusion about the benefits of cannabis to treat or self-medicate symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorders.” In other words, many patients using medical cannabis to “treat” their symptoms are merely caught up in a cycle of self-treating their cannabis withdrawal. Is it possible that almost half of cannabis consumers are actually experiencing a severe cannabis withdrawal syndrome — to the point that it is successfully masquerading as medicinal use of marijuana — and they don’t know it?

I just wish when I was 15 I was vaping medical flower instead of smoking reggie out of blunt wraps. That’s what “safety” the DEA’s great drug war bought me. Our tax dollars at work.

New research highlights the problems of withdrawal, but provides an incomplete picture

The trouble with defining addiction in relation to negative consequences is that much of the harm from cannabis use is a result of prohibition.

Cannabis users can face inflated costs, unreliable quality, intermittent supply, constant fear of prosecution, societal shaming/stigma, loss of job opportunities, imprisonment, fines, trauma and PTSD, and ALL of these stem from our history of prohibition.

Once I started looking at my own cannabis use as therapeutic, got my medical card, and was able to afford it, a huge portion of my “negative consequences associated with cannabis use” vanished. Now I walk past the cops with my bag as I leave the dispensary, I know the strain I’m getting, and I’m not scraping resin because I’m not paying near what I used to.

There are different types of CBD oil](/learn/different-types-of-cbd-oil) that include:

So what then happens if we stop taking CBD oil? Does our body start going into withdrawals?

What Happens When I Stop Taking CBD Oil?

First of all, what is CBD oil? Well, CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol is the most popular extract from the cannabis plant. Its popularity is due to its therapeutic effects and that it does not get you “high”.

The worst kind of withdrawal symptoms are from heavy drugs or alcohol, and these include:

Medicinal cannabis has only recently become legal in Australia, so there are many questions people have around the two main medicines: CBD oil and THC oil.