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cbd paste

How do I use CBD Paste?

The combination of raw form of CBD extract and pure CBD isolate in the mixture amplifies the strength of the concentration. The full spectrum aspect of the item indicates that the paste contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the hemp plant.

CBD paste is a raw form CBD extract, essentially our CBD Oil before any extra hemp oil is added. CBD Paste is known to be easier for dosing and standardization of CBD content. It usually contains high CBD concentration which is achieved by adding cannabis plant extract or hemp plant extract or pure CBD isolate into the mixture.

To administer a dose of paste, squeeze a pea-sized amount onto the back of your hand or directly into your mouth. Allow the paste to sit under your tongue for two minutes, then rinse the mouth with a glass of water.

The Hemp Company CBD paste is sustainably sourced from Dutch Natural Healing in the Netherlands. The syringes are filled directly after manufacturing and are kept cool for the retention of delicate terpenes and nutrients. The concentrated quality of this paste means that doses last a long time – providing great value for money. The paste can be easily consumed by applying the desired amount under the tongue.

For best practices store in a cold place.

We recommend beginning on a low dosage since it makes economic sense not to overuse or overspend when testing out CBD oil. The general rule of thumb is: start small and increase as needed.

The real benefits of CBD extracts is that it gives a powerful boost of cannabinoids for the Endocannabinoid System which is part of our bodies ability to achieve natural and healthy bodily function and balance; called homeostasis. This means that the ECS plays a huge role in every essential function in our body. A healthy ECS can have a very wide range of well-being outcomes.

Cannabinoids (including CBD) support this network of receptors. Those who use Melatonin are increasingly searching out hemp based products.

CBD Paste is one of the most most effective cannabinoid products available in the UK! If you can imagine the power of untouched raw hemp flowers that have been squeezed into a tube. They are rammed with naturally occurring cannabinoids, fatty acids, terpenes and waxes; just as nature intended. If you need something that has mother nature’s stamp of approval, that it potent, raw and completely natural then a CBD paste is what you need. This is the true whole plant experience.

Benefits of CBD PAste?

You’re in luck! We stock potentially the best full-spectrum and organic CBD pastes in the UK (or at least we think). They contain not only a wide range of phytochemicals but a potent dose of naturally occurring CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBC and THC (0.2%) (from a Sativa strain). Paste has a ‘wow’ factor that very few CBD products can provide and is the most re-purchased item in our range.

If you are here to learn about usage and benefits there is a tone of valuable information further down the page :D!

Nothing seems to rival the effectiveness or popularity of our raw & organic CBD paste: even our extremely popular 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Being creative is something we love, and once you get the hang of how CBD interacts with your body you can keep experimenting and creating your own home brews that are perfectly suited to your body. The benefits of this are that you get the full-spectrum punch of the whole plant without the strong hempy flavours. All you need is a carrier oil (like Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Coconut Oil or an already infused CBD Oil) and your tube of Cannabinoid Paste or raw hemp extract. First, you need to measure how much CBD you would like to have in your oil- there is 1000mg of CBD in the paste. Squeeze the raw hemp extract into the bottom of the bottle then add the carrier oil of your chose. Put the lid on and give this a really good shake until the clumps of paste have disappeared; this could take some time.

The paste is a great product to make your CBD capsules. Use readymade empty shells and fill them with a small amount of paste. This method is suitable for people who do not like CBD flavour, and also it helps to take equal dosages all the time.

Insert rectally a small amount of paste as this area is also rich in blood vessels. In some cases, almost 50 % of CBD useful substances will reach your bloodstream and bring a number of positive effects you expect.

The paste is a thick and soft sticky substance that, besides CBD, contains oils, waxes, or butter. CBD paste is a multipurpose formulation that is usually high in CBD concentration.

Place a small amount of CBD paste under your tongue. This area is rich in blood vessels, and separating membranes are very thin there. The saliva helps bring CBD into the blood. Usually, it takes 15-25 minutes to feel the effect.

With food

One can also produce CBD paste at home, for this one will need a jar, some coconut oil, some cannabis buds that are low in THC. CBD paste differs from other CBD products, and it possesses several potential benefits as well as risks and side effects that any user must be familiar with.

CBD paste is getting more popular nowadays as it has several unique qualities like: