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If you are looking for high-quality CBD products then NordicOil is the shop for you. Offering a wide range of products in categories such as CBD Oils & Extracts, CBD E Liquids, CBD Supplements, CBD balms, CBD for pets, and even CBD cosmetics, NordicOil has quickly become a staple of high-quality CBD products in Europe. Offering deliveries to the UK that will reach their destination in a maximum of 3 business days, you are certain to have a smooth experience when buying from this online shop. Not only that, but this brand also only uses fair-trade organically grown hemp in order to give you the best CBD possible. Offering customer support over phone, email, and chat, you can take advantage of their team of educated professionals to help you with any question you may have, be it advice on the ideal product for you or even about shipping times. The usability of the website is amazing, as you can easily find what you are looking for, and even have access to the general information about the different types of products on each category page. Not only that, but you can also find very detailed information about the ingredients that make part of the products, as well as benefit from numerous discounts that NordicOil offers its consumers. Their products are laboratory tested and the CBD quantity ranges from 5% to 99,6%, so we are certain you will find what you are looking for! Your furry friends are not left behind, and NordicOil has a full CBD shop in Europe dedicated to products for animals.

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The only notable difference with Nordic Oil is that the company uses hemp seed oil as a carrier instead of the far more common and cheaper coconut MCT oil.

4.67 / 5

This review will look at the European CBD oil from Nordic Oil. Learn more about the American version of this CBD oil.

Cost & Potency

Furthermore, although Nordic does send its extracts to a third-party lab for potency testing, it does not list any tests for pesticides or other contaminants — which provide a further layer of safety and transparency.

At €0.08 – €0.10 per mg, this full-spectrum oil is slightly below the average cost for CBD tinctures. The price can be further reduced to €0.06 – €0.08 per mg by buying a 3-pack. All in all this is quite affordable but not as cheap as a few other high-quality competitor products.

Like most full-spectrum CBD oils, this tincture has a basic formula consisting of full-spectrum hemp extract dissolved in a carrier oil that helps your body absorb CBD. These two ingredients are all you need to reap the full benefits of CBD for a wide range of uses.

This CBD oil has some of the highest potencies we’ve seen in an oil and uses a high-quality full-spectrum extract.