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Yep yep yep. CBD products have less than 0.1% THC, the psychoactive chemical that gets you high, and that's by law. That's how all of these CBD companies are selling products that can be shipped anywhere, CBDs are literally the medical components of the plant.

Perhaps OP is thinking vaping CBD oil is the same or similar to dabs? Its not. It very much is not the same as shatter or resin. Its not at all alike, don't get them mixed up because it's called oil or looks similar or anything.

Boyfriend recently started vaping CBD and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I have no problem with weed. Him and I both partake from time to time. But it just really irritates me that throughout the day, he's been puffing on this thing. I don't know what I'm looking for, or why I'm posting this. Just wondered if anyone has more knowledge about this stuff. Am I being overly concerned for nothing?

I think people who DO vape CBDs and who do not do so for any specific medical reason are doing it to see what benefits they CAN get out of it, and for the novelty. People do it because its new and they can. The uneducated usually, but uneducated because there's been no reason to be educated about the topic. This is part of the self-educating process, actually.

CBD is non psychoactive and helps with anxiety, pain and hunger issues, should be a non issue.

This. I'm not a fan of marijuana (but support legalization), but I still recognize the difference between CBD and THC.

I'd be interested in why he was doing it. In his words. OP have you gone straight up to his face and asked? That might be a more respectful approach. You'd get his answer, and be able to better decide how you feel about it than from asking strangers on the internet how you should feel. You'd at least be able to assess HIS understanding of it. And see if you should even be considering this a problem. (Spoiler alert: you shouldn't)

Now that I've word puked this all out, you're probably wondering about what juice to get? Well, I usually buy from a company called Organabus. However, there are a number of different options. I'd highly recommend checking out the subreddit called r/CBD. They have a list on the sidebar of different reputable companies that you can order from. It would take an entire post just to talk about what to look for to get a reputable company, so I will just direct you to them since they already did the work.

There seems to be a bit of a nomenclature issue. with bothers me immensely, because it is not safe to vape an "oil", and I've read many posts where folks are vaping CBD (or even THC), suspended in a carrier oil, like coconut oil. I doubt regular r/ECR members are doing this, as most of us know not to vape anything that isn't suspended in PG/VG, but I have read of others vaping tinctures. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that if one decides to vape CBD, then please make sure you are not vaping a tincture or an oil.

TL;DR – CBD isn't heavily regulated. If you don't get the e-juice from a reputable source, you WILL not experience any sort of benefit from vaping it. If you want to know who is reputable, visit r/CBD and see the sidebar. CBD is very helpful, and can do a range of things for you if you get it from a reputable source and not some fake nonsense. Thank you for reading.

Hold up with those r/CBD links, the head mod of the sub uses referral links and takes kickbacks from purchases. try r/cbdinfo or here where it's all explained. Real fuckin' scummy.

So, what is CBD? CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found within Marijuana and Hemp. It is not a psychoactive drug, meaning it won't get you high, but it does retain quite a lot of the medicinal values that cannabis holds claim to. The benefits are as follows: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-nausea, Anti-anxiety, Anti-depression, pain relief, and it can also be used as a light sleep aid. Not everyone will experience every single one of these all at once. However, all of these are benefits that you could experience while using it. CBD is also derived in one of two ways: industrial hemp and actual marijuana. The only difference between the two of these, other than potency, is that the one derived from Marijuana CAN make you feel a teeny bit high and it has the possibility of making you test positive on a drug test. The industrial hemp CBD will do neither of these.

So, sorry for talking your ears off, but I felt as though I had enough experience to put together something helping those who have questions. If you guys are interested in anything more specific, or have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask below or even send me a message. I'm always open!

edit3: So, a lot of you guys have been asking about how to DIY your CBD juice. I am not experienced in this, so I don't want to give you all any bad answers. This is a post I found a while back that explains how some people have made their DIY juices. If you are super interested, this would be the first place I would check!