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celebrities using cbd oil

10. Ricky Williams

12. Willie Nelson

6. Whoopi Goldberg

At the height of his NFL career, the former Heisman Trophy winner and Texas Longhorns legend found one thing that kept holding him back: his frequent weed use. But his past doesn't haunt him anymore, as Williams has turned to holistic resources for healing and relaxation. That includes starting his own cannabis company, which also offers a variety of cannabis products for "an herbal approach to everyday wellness."

1. Rob Gronkowski

The Academy Award-winning actress launched her very own CBD line called "Whoopi & Maya," which boasts products likes Soaks, Rubs and Tinctures (with the latter only available in Colorado). Initially joining forces with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of OM Edibles, the two partnered up to launch their brand in 2016, and sell in two states only: California and Colorado.

Claiming to have "been a believer in the benefits of CBD for some time," singer John Legend took his interest as a consumer in the industry to new levels by investing in a CBD company called PlusCBD. His role also includes acting as an advocate for the company's line of products, specficially focusing on the edible gummies.

Gronkowski’s first experience with CBD was using a cream to treat a toe injury after playing a casual game of soccer with his girlfriend. Now he’s a partner and spokesperson with Abacus Health Products for their CBD product line.

His foundation has conducted several studies regarding the use of CBD for Parkinson’s and concluded that it has a great deal of potential for managing symptoms. Fox himself has even been quoted as saying that CBD oil has given him a sense of hope for treating the condition.

Kardashian has credited CBD for helping her cope with her busy schedule as a media personality, businessperson, and mother of four. She puts it above any other sort of medication as a remedy for getting a good night’s rest.

5. Rob Gronkowski

Wilde is on record for her belief in CBD as an effective natural alternative to an assortment of medications such as painkillers. She further stated that CBD is wrongfully vilified and misunderstood as a botanical element.

If that’s not enough to sell you on trying CBD oil, here’s a list of eight celebrities who wholeheartedly endorse it.

Diaz uses CBD oil to assist with his recovery between matches. He claims that it has boosted his healing process and reduced inflammation.

In 2012, Seth Rogen launched a non-profit organization called Hilarity for Charity. Since then it has spread awareness about Alzheimer’s disease, raised $11 million for research, and advocated for the use of CBD oil in its treatment.