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cell isolate cbd hemp oil

Odorless/tasteless natural flavor. Available in peppermint, lemon, toasted coconut and cappuccino.

The Coral Reef
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Green of Course! Our green comes from the Chlorophyll found in hemp. Chlorophyll is a a powerful antioxidant that contributes to overall health.

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Clear Serene CBD isolate Oils

Certified by third party labs for CBD and Safety.

Nothing but hemp derived CBD & MCT Oil.

Rich with CBD, terpenes, phospholipids and chlorophyll

By definition, top of the line CBD isolate contains 0% THC, the compound responsible for the ‘high’ feeling after consuming marijuana. It’s advisable to buy isolate products from suppliers that provide test results revealing no THC content. When evaluating a CBD isolate, a certified 0% THC content is a good sign of their quality.

CBD isolation happens through a process known as chromatography. The extract is heated gently and then pushed through a specialized cylinder. Since every compound has a distinct molecular weight, it comes out at the other end at varying times. Knowing CBD’s molecular weight, manufacturers can separate it as it comes out of the cylinder.

2. Ideal for Homemade CBD Products

While it is uncommon, there are people who have tested positive for THC after consuming CBD oil. CBD oil, by the way, only contains around 0.3% or less THC in it. So, if you undergo regular drug testing, cell isolate CBD is a safer option than other forms.

Most new CBD customers tend to be surprised when they come across CBD isolate products in a white, dry, and powdery form. Well, CBD isolate undergoes a thorough purification process. That’s why it does not like the more popular green hemp oils and tinctures at all. In addition to the appealing look and texture, it has no taste or odor, one of its biggest selling points.

Scientists are becoming more interested in how varying cannabis plant compounds work together to give the entourage effect. Some say that keeping the plant as pure as possible is the only way to trigger it and its benefits. According to this theory, cannabis requires having all of its compounds to provide its full healing benefits.