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charlotte’s web cbd oil dosage

If you’re asking yourself “how much CBD I should take?”, there are a few things to consider as you incorporate it into your wellness routine. The amount of CBD you should take depends on a range of factors, including:

We always recommend to “start low and go slow.” When you begin to ramp up the amount of CBD products in your daily routine, it’s important to understand how much to take when first starting out. When you receive your first CBD oil dietary supplement, you’ll find the following information on the box:

How will I know the CBD is working? How much CBD is too much?

For more information about how much CBD oil you should take for a specific bottle, look at the infographic below:

But that certainly doesn’t mean we want to leave you guessing — the recommended serving sizes on Charlotte’s Web™ product packages and our “Sweet Spot” guide below help show you how to find the right amount of CBD for you.

This makes it pretty easy for CBD newbies and seasoned users alike to know how much CBD oil they’re taking right away.

We are grateful for the remarkable feedback we’ve received from so many who are using Charlotte’s Web products for their health: for mood optimization, focus, recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, better sleep, and more.

Charlotte’s Web Pro tip: For Hemp Extract Oil 17mg CBD/1mL users who feel they go through the bottle too quickly, consider a step up to Hemp Extract Oil 50mg CBD/1mL.

And remember, if you “don’t feel anything”, don’t feel frustrated. This just means that you haven’t found your ideal concentration level, yet.

If you’re just getting started, you might not yet have experienced your desired results. That can be frustrating. This doesn’t mean that hemp extract isn’t working, but we believe it means you might not have found your perfect concentration.

Here’s How We Recommend Getting Started:

• Start by taking 10 to 25 mg. of CBD for the first 2 – 4 days during the day or evening. Many people say CBD supports their quality of sleep.

• After 10 – 14 days, use as needed. Consult your health provider.

CBD Garden Nano-technology pharmaceutical-grade capsules give you more than 80% bioavailability. Our 25 milligram capsule give you more than 20 mg. per capsule.


Sublingual administration may take 20 or so minutes to work. For TOPICAL applications, it’s instant! A drop or two of CBD oil can be used as an anesthetic for minor scrapes, cuts or minor oral irritation.

If the product is a liquid CBD or hemp extract oil, and you swallow it directly, you only get 20% bioavailability.

• Look for the amount of CBD per serving, then estimate the bioavailability. • A 25 mg dose = 5 mg if swallowed (20%)
• A 25 mg dose = 10 mg if administered sublingually (40%)

Remember : I f you’re not getting the relief you want, check the actual milligram s per serving and estimate the BIOAVAILABILITY .