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does hempz lotion have cbd oil in it

While the U.S. hemp industry is still developing, states that allow cultivation have sent warning letters to growers about the use of unauthorized pesticides. At least one hemp product was recalled because it contained unsafe pesticide levels. 7

Until stricter controls are enforced for hemp growing and processing in the United States, it is better to buy hemp products that contain industrial hemp extracts sourced from established overseas suppliers, particularly those grown in Europe.

1. Things aren't always what they seem

However, the 2014 federal Farm Bill now allows universities and state agricultural departments to grow industrial hemp for limited purposes, such as research. But consumers still can't tell if a product made from U.S.-grown plants is made from hemp or from marijuana.

Europe has a long history of growing hemp for industrial purposes, such as for fiber, protein, oil, and more. The European hemp industry is well-regulated and very mature, with established standards and rigorous product testing. 5 A European hemp product imported into the United States is only legally allowed if it has 0.3% or less THC content. 6

So choose hemp products certified as organic or eco-farmed. Think of eco-farming as "organic plus." Eco-farming growers must follow ecologically friendly practices, like not using recycled sewage and testing for melamine and other contaminants.

6. Buy a reputable brand

If you (like me) love to wear flip-flops or no shoes at all, Hempz® lotion is also a great way to keep your feet soft and smooth. I like to put a generous couple pumps of it on my feet right out of the shower and then cover them with socks overnight. The following morning my feet are usually as soft as they are when I walk out of a salon—without actually paying for a pedicure.

Hemp seeds are naturally rich in Vitamins E, C, B1, B3 and B6. The natural composition of the oil penetrates and hydrates human skin better than any other moisturizer you find on drugstore shelves.

In an attempt to contribute to the end of the prohibition on industrial hemp (which, like marijuana, is an end that is now in sight) by purchasing more hemp products, I was turned on the Hempz® herbal body moisturizers.

Not only do these lotions smell incredible (my favorite is the pomegranate) they have immediate and noticeable effects—thanks to the inclusion of the oil of the maligned hemp plant.

This great lotion comes in a variety of neutral and natural scents and is available online and in most drug stores. Want another reason to buy hemp lotion? The more you buy the faster the walls of prohibition fall, and as industrial hemp becomes legal to grow domestically our high demand will fuel lower prices.