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droplets of nature side effects

The inhalation of medical aerosols is widely used for the treatment of lung disorders such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, respiratory infection and, more recently, lung cancer. Targeted aerosol delivery to the affected lung tissue may improve therapeutic efficiency and minimize unwanted side effects. Despite enormous progress in optimizing aerosol delivery to the lung, targeted aerosol delivery to specific lung regions other than the airways or the lung periphery has not been adequately achieved to date. Here, we show theoretically by computer-aided simulation, and for the first time experimentally in mice, that targeted aerosol delivery to the lung can be achieved with aerosol droplets comprising superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles–so-called nanomagnetosols–in combination with a target-directed magnetic gradient field. We suggest that nanomagnetosols may be useful for treating localized lung disease, by targeting foci of bacterial infection or tumour nodules.

Ill be updating this post every once in a while every time I see changes on my skin.

Day 1
My skin gets red just before my shift ends.
Day 2
When I woke up, I noticed my skin started peeling. The application of soap and toner was irritating but it’s tolerable for me since I have a high tolerance with pain. It feels like there is a burning sensation but it doesn’t made my skin look red. After putting on the sunblock, it did made my peeling look more apparent, too bad I have to go to the office looking like this, but the good thing is I just have to sit all day and not wander around with a face like this.
Day 3
The peeling has been very apparent and it became more visible when I applied sunblock on it. Have to wear face mask since third of my faces is peeling.
Fun story though, since it’s avail and I don’t have anything to do at work, I enjoyed peeling the pieces on my face.

We have been taught that the usual beauty routine includes making sure that your face is cleansed, then do the toner and creams after.I have been trying a lot of different products on my skin that I rarely buy a “pack” or ‘set” for my products. Then I usually stick with my usual routine since trying out new products might cause me more breakouts.

The only this is that since I stopped for a while, I think my skin will peel again. So the tiis-ganda part will start again. Though the peeling is not the same anymore compared to the one I have before. The peeing this time is very unnoticeable and can be covered up by the sunblock that comes with the package.

I am actually on the second box now, I stopped for about a week though because it took a while before my next order arrived.

But lately, due to stress at work and non stop school activities, I experienced my worst break out ever. Lots of acnes on my forehead stresses me more. I was planning to visit my favorite facial center but then decided to try this product first to test whether it is working or not. My office mates have been raving about this product that I was convinced to give it a try.

Though it i thick to apply, it doesn’t feel thick at my skin. It still feels like you were wearing nothing. Though as it stays longer on your skin, it felt a it stingy, I am thinking that this is the overall effect of the products I applied the whole night. My skin started to start getting red as the end of my shift at work approaches.
I have told you guys that I have already seen my office mates used this and during their first few days, I have seen there faces turn red as if they had sun burn, so I was kind of expecting the same thing.

First Impressions

CBD oil should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A 2018 study from the American Academy of Pediatrics warned women to avoid marijuana during pregnancy due to the potential risks to a baby’s development. Although it is unclear how CBD contributes, CBD is known to pass through the placental barrier.

CBD oil may also increase liver enzymes (a marker of liver inflammation). People with liver disease should use CBD oil with caution, ideally under the care of a doctor who can regularly check blood liver enzyme levels.

Medical marijuana is frequently prescribed to people with intractable (treatment-resistant) pain, including those with terminal cancer. There is some evidence that CBD contributes to this benefit.


According to a 2012 study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, rats injected with inflammatory chemicals in their hind feet experienced less inflammation and neuropathic pain when treated with an oral dose and spinal injection of CBD.  

CBD oil may benefit those with drug addiction, suggests a 2015 review of studies published in Substance Abuse.

However, the effect of CBD on each addiction type was often very different. With opioid addiction, for example, CBD showed little effect in minimizing withdrawal symptoms in the absence of THC. By contrast, CBD on its own appeared effective in minimizing drug-seeking behaviors in users of cocaine, methamphetamine, and other psychostimulant drugs.

CBD oil may reduce the risk of heart disease by alleviating hypertension (high blood pressure) in certain people, suggests a 2017 study in JCI Insight.